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Neutrino Botnet Seizes Web Shells of Other Hackers

Neutrino Botnet Seizes Web Shells

Positive Technologies experts said that Neutrino’s operators changed their tactics and for more than a year, they have been seizing web shells of other hackers and infecting not ordinary users, but servers. Analysts write that the next round of development of the malware began in 2018. If earlier this malware …

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Open Source Android Spyware AhMyth Enters Google Play Store

AhMyth entered Google Play

Another spyware program managed to bypass the filters of Google Play Store, the official store of applications for Android. The talk is about the AhMyth component implemented in a legitimate program, the source code of which has been available on GitHub for more than two years. AhMyth is a remote …

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Stare Virus Removal Guide (+Decrypt .stare files)

Stare – General Info Stare is a destructive software application working as typical ransomware. Michael Gillespie, the well-known virus researcher, first discovered this new name in the DJVU ransomware family. Stare was created for the sole purpose to encrypt all popular file types. Logically, as soon as the encryption is …

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