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Problem of all modern anti-malware programs

Nowadays, when an anti-malware solution is an essential thing for every PC user, every user needs to make a choice. Of course, the importance of this choice is discussable, because modern anti-malware programs are distinct only with their features and interfaces. Key functions, like different types of scan and proactive defense, are highly-likely the same for all well-known antivirus programs, like Kaspersky, ESET, Norton etc.

But besides the similar functionality, modern top-tier anti-malware programs become overly complicated in their interface. It can be very difficult for inexperienced users to find the function they need. Moreover, because of such a conglomeration of different functions and features, it’s literally impossible to use these anti-malware solutions on the weak PC.

You can forget about fast work of your file system and rapid opening of downloaded files while using mentioned anti-malware programs. All hardware resources of your computer will be consumed by overpowered virus removal tool, so to perform your usual tasks you need to disable all antivirus functions which are supposed to be run in the background.

But why do you need to pay the full price for the anti-malware program, if you are not utilizing the functions you paid for? That’s a rhetorical question. Moreover, even if you have a powerful PC, you may just be out of need for an embedded VPN or keychain. All such “additional” functions can be easily substituted by much cheaper software.

This problem forced me to make a research and find the antivirus solution which has all the functions needed, without any excessive features. This security tool is supposed to be lightweight, and be reasonably priced. Of course, the efficiency of such a program must be good enough to forget about any malicious software.

Throughout the several antivirus programs I have tested, the only anti-malware program which fits all this requirement is Loaris Trojan Remover. Let me show you, why do I think that this program is a really good antivirus.

Download Loaris Trojan Remover

Checking the Loaris Trojan Remover Efficiency

First, let’s check the essential function of every antivirus software – detection quality. The main factor which determines detection efficiency is the total volume of malware databases. The bigger they are – the more malicious apps could be detected by the antivirus program.

Number of signatures in Loaris

Loaris has about 10.6 millions of malware in their databases. This information is shown just inside of the app window. Unfortunately, other anti-malware vendors do not publish such information, so that’s no way to compare Loaris with them by this parameter. But to be sure about the efficiency of this huge database, I decided to make a real-time test.

I have an archive with about 1400 viruses inside. The types of this malware are extremely variative: there are likely all possible types of malware, so the successive scan is a good sign of an effective anti-malware software.

Loaris test with 1400 malware samples

Loaris Trojan Remover cleaned it just in 15 seconds on my work computer. But it has a huge amount of RAM, as well as a powerful CPU. To be 100% objective, I’ve started the same experiment on the virtual machine with a much weaker configuration – with a twin-core 2.8 GHz processor and 3.2 GB RAM with a 50 GB HDD.

This time, the result was not so immediate, however, it is still quite fast as for the imitation of a deeply outdated system. In 3 minutes, I got a completed scan with all threats detected, and the following removal process took another two minutes.

Scan types diversity

But the archive scanning couldn’t be long, because there is only 1 folder filled with malware. And it is obvious that the detection rate is not the only parameter to describe. Other scan types are not so incredibly fast: Standard scan lasts about 4 minutes, Full scan – up to 7 minutes. However, even the Standard scan can be effective in malware detection, because it scans the whole system disk, finding all possible malware implementations.

Scan types in Loaris

You can also check your removable drives with a Removable scan. This function is extremely demanded for the users who plug in their PCs tens of different USB drives everyday. When I was a student, our university was suffering from the worm which was transforming all the files on your PC to the shortcuts; it was spreading rapidly through the USB drives. I think this function of Loaris could save tons of files if such a pandemic happens, again.

Custom scan function was reviewed in the previous paragraph. It is super-useful when you have a dubious archive and are not sure about the safety of its contents.

Interface and appearance

I have already mentioned that top-tier antivirus programs have a very complicated interface. Because of the massive amount of functions, it is very easy to lose in this app, and very difficult to find the feature you need. Loaris Trojan Remover, in contrast to the sector leaders, has a very easy interface, which is easy to understand even by child.

All essential functions, which are needed everyday, are located on the main screen. All other features, like updates, or browser settings reset, are located in several menus you can see in the left side of the window. Logs and quarantine (quite a rare thing among not-top-tier anti-malware programs) are located in the same place. You don’t need to make a lot of clicks to reach the information or functions you need.

Besides simplicity and out-of-box readiness for work, Loaris has quite a wide amount of settings. You can change the heuristic settings, allow or forbid statistics sending, launching with the system, set up the ignore list and enable the scan errors displaying. And that’s not the full amount of possible settings.

System repairing features

Loaris Trojan Remover is able to revert all changes which were done by malware. There are three functions in the Tools menu, that can help you to restore your system after the malware attack – Reset Browser Settings, Reset Windows Update Policies and Reset Windows Hosts File. All these parts of the system are the most popular targets for different malware. And Loaris can fix it in one click.

System repairing tools in Loaris Trojan Remover


Loaris Trojan Remover is distributed with different plans. For a Single plan, which supposes the Loaris usage on the single PC, you would pay 28,65$ for 1 year. Family plan allows you to activate Loaris app on two computers simultaneously, but costs 40$ for the same term. Corporate version of Loaris costs 40$, and can be utilized on a single PC throughout one year. But this type of license is intended to be used in corporations. And the most expensive – Agency license – costs 100$ for 30 days, and intended to be used in service centers, which are using this product for commercial purposes. This type of license can be activated on an unlimited number of computers.

In case you want to download or buy Loaris Trojan Remover, I strongly advise you to refer to these official links so you can be confident you’re obtaining the utility straight from Loaris website:

Click here to download Loaris Trojan Remover

Click here to visit the Loaris Trojan Remover official site

Already have the software? Click here to purchase license


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