Vulnerability allows attackers to listen and intercept VPN connections

Vulnerability intercept VPN connections

Researchers from the University of New Mexico discovered a vulnerability affecting Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, iOS Android, and other Unix-based OSs. Vulnerability allows to listen, intercept and interfere with the operation of VPN connections. The bug got the identifier CVE-2019-14899, and the root of the problem lies in …

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Iranian hackers used new ZeroCleare malware

Iranian hackers use ZeroCleare

IBM experts have revealed a new malware ZeroCleare, which created and used Iranian hackers. ZeroCleare targets power companies operating in the Middle East. Researchers did not disclose the names of the victims companies, but analysis of the malware presents a 28-page detailed report. “The ZeroCleare malware is the development of …

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HackerOne Analyst Opens Researcher Access to Confidential Information

HackerOne opened access to information

HackerOne spoke about an incident that recently occurred because of the fault of one of its employees: one of the HackerOne analysts opened to the researcher access to confidential information. Last month, a researcher known as haxta4ok00 talked to one of HackerOne’s security analysts. In one post, a HackerOne employee …

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Eurocommission investigates Google data collection methods

European Commission Google methods

According to Reuters, the European Commission and European antitrust authorities are conducting a “preliminary investigation” regarding Google data collection methods. Therefore, the European antitrust monitors again tackle the search giant. “Competition enforcers on both sides of the Atlantic are now looking into how dominant tech companies use and monetise data. …

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