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Trojan for Android masked under an update for OpenGL ES

Trojan for Android

Doctor Web specialists found in the Google Play catalog a malware that allowed remote control of infected Android devices and monitor users. The malicious program received the Android.Backdoor.736.origin identifier and was distributed under the mask of the OpenGL Plugin application, supposedly intended to check the version of the OpenGL ES …

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Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos for download

Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos

According to researcher Edin Jusupovic, social network Facebook includes hidden codes in photos uploaded by users to the site. The company can track the activity associated with them and use this data to target advertising. “I noticed a structural anomaly while viewing the dump in hexadecimal format from an unknown …

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Stopped working global navigation satellite system Galileo

Global navigation satellite system Galileo

There was a global failure in the work of the European satellite navigation system “Galileo”. The system went down on Thursday, July 11, and has not yet resumed its work. On the “Galileo” work status page, 24 out of 26 satellites are marked as “unusable”, and the remaining two are …

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German banks refuse to support authorization by one-time SMS-code


Several German banks have announced plans to abandon the use of one-time SMS passwords as a method of authorization and transaction confirmation. The reason for the refusal of one-time SMS passwords is the new EU legislation, which will come into full force on September 14, 2019. Handelsblatt reports that Postbank …

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