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LeakedSource website operators confessed in trading personal data

Defiant Tech Company that manages Leaked Source resource confessed in trading personal information and property ownership, obtained as a result of criminal actions. LeakedSource website started its work in 2015 and by 2016 became quite famous. Its authors, Defiant Tech Inc. Company, collected dumps of various data leaks (both from …

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EU will answer with sanctions on cyberattacks

eu cybersecurity strategy

Council of Europe developed jurisdiction mechanism on implementation of sanctions for cyberattacks. This is said in message that is spread on Friday, May 17. In EU are concerned about grows of malicious behavior in cyberspace that targets undermining integrity, security and economic competitiveness of the EU with the potential risk …

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During the analysis of one of hackers’ attacks, experts discovered traces of multiply Chinese government cyberoperations

chinese hackers

Analysis of C&C–server that was used for the attacks on diplomatic organization, allowed IS-experts investigate multiply operations that were conducted by Chinese cyberbands. Bands used similar tools though acted in interests of different Chinese governmental institutions. On Tuesday, May 14, BlackBerry Cylance Threat Intelligence specialists published report about recent attacks …

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Hackers from all over the world attack Microsoft SharePoint servers: noticed traces of famous FIN7

Microsoft SharePoint servers are under attack

IT-experts from Canada and Saudi Arabia warned about cyberattacks on Microsoft SharePoint servers that last more than two weeks. In the attacks, hackers exploit famous CVE-2019-0604 vulnerability. According to Microsoft security notification, vulnerability allows random code execution in the context of SharePoint applications’ pool and SharePoint server’s accounts. Company fixed …

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