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Magento developers fixed 10-point RCE vulnerability

Magento developers fixed RCE vulnerability

CMS Magento developers prepared a patch that fixes a 10-point RCE vulnerability in the e-commerce platform. Users of affected systems are recommended to immediately install the update, as well as check sites for third-party scripts. The update addresses the vulnerability CVE-2019-8144 in Magento Commerce 2.3.1 and 2.3.2, as well as …

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BlueKeep Attack Warnings Didn’t Affect Users

BlueKeep warnings not affect users

Researchers from the SANS Institute (USA) over the past few months have been monitoring the situation with the use of patches that fix the BlueKeep vulnerability in Windows, and with the use fof Shodan recorded the number of vulnerable computers connected to the Network. Experts concluded that the massive warnings …

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Ransomware attacked a major ASP.NET provider

Ransomware attacked ASP.NET provider

A major ASP.NET provider, SmarterASP.NET, which serves more than 440,000 customers, was attacked by a ransomware during this weekend. As a result, all data on the client servers was encrypted. Representatives of SmarterASP.NET claim that they are already working on recovering user data, but it is unclear whether the company …

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Vulnerability allows reading encrypted Apple Mail letters on macOS

Apple Mail Vulnerability on macOS

Back in July of this year, information security specialist Bob Gendler, specializing in Apple device issues, discovered that Apple Mail on macOS stores encrypted messages in clear text in the snippets.db database. In fact, this vulnerability allows reading encrypted Apple Mail letters on macOS. As Gendler explains on his blog, …

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Popular Android phones can be used to track users

Android phones track users

Security researchers from Purdue and Iowa Universities (USA) discovered vulnerabilities in several popular Android phones, exploiting which an attacker through the accessories could gain access to the firmware of the radio module (baseband) and thus track their users. Criminals can trick vulnerable phones into revealing unique identifiers, such as IMEI …

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