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My friends often ask me for my professional opinions. And last time, the most popular question is “why do you recommend GridinSoft Anti-Malware as a perfect security tool? Why not ESET, Kaspersky, or AVG?” Let me answer your questions in reversed order.

All well-known antivirus programs, like mentioned above AVG or ESET, are something like a building with tens of rooms. Every such room has its function. However, navigating these rooms is hard to find one specific function among hundreds of others. Gridinsoft Anti-Malware is more like a swiss multi tool, which contains only the most important things and is very easy to use.

I am the antimalware expert, not a PR-agent of top-tier antimalware vendors. My task is to help people deal with malware on their computers and protect their PCs in the future. Doubtlessly, all top-ranked antivirus
tools will deal with these tasks, too. But they have several important features, making these virus removers usage much harder.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware
GridinSoft Anti-Malware

Because of the overall complexity of such antivirus programs as Norton Antivirus or Avast Security, they may significantly underperform on weak systems. As an alternative, they can consume a huge amount of your PC’s hardware capabilities, so your PC performance will be worse.

For some users, top-tier antivirus software may be hard to use because of complicated interfaces. Of course, you are not obligated to be a computer genius to use it, but I know enough people, who had troubles with Kaspersky, for example, to state that their interfaces are not comfortable. Let me show you the key advantages of GridinSoft Anti-Malware on a practical basis.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware
Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Ease of use

GridinSoft Anti-Malware interface, in my opinion, is the best example of balance between simplicity and informativity. All main functions of this antivirus tool are located under the first and second buttons (called “Scan” and “Protect”). You don’t need to make spare clicks to find the function you need – all of them could be found exactly after the launch.

But, besides visual simplicity, GridinSoft Anti-Malware has a wide range of different settings. Such a list will be handy for advanced users who want to utilize their virus remover by 100%. This security tool allows you to set up the update and scan schedules, change the heuristic rules usage, apply deep scans, create a restore point before every scan, and even terminate memory threats during the scanning process.

Performance impact

Performance impact of every program depends on the mass of files it uses during its execution, as well as on the number of operations executed in the background. GridinSoft Anti-Malware has no background processes by default. It can only launch with the operating system and perform the startup scan, but this function will be displayed in the active window.

Enabled protection features in GridinSoft Anti-Malware

You can enable the On-Run Protection, Internet Security and Removable device checking, which will be operating in the background. And it causes no impact on the performance of my PC. However, my personal computer is powerful enough to deal with top-tier antivirus programs easily. To get the true picture, I tested GridinSoft Anti-Malware on my old laptop. It has a downclocked (like in all laptops) twin-core CPU, HDD, and only 4 GB RAM.

After launching all mentioned background services of the antivirus tool by GridinSoft, I’ve started to browse my system. The only impact I have seen was a very short, literally instant lag when I was trying to launch the program or open a big file. The main reason for such a result is a specific mechanism of real-time protection: it scans only the files you are trying to open/run. Norton Antivirus, for example, scans the whole folder you are trying to open, regardless of opening some files from this directory.

Detection quality

To prove that GridinSoft Anti-Malware is able to protect your PC from different malware, I decided to make a malware detection test. It consists in the scanning of the archive, which is full of different malware. In this case, there are 1392 malicious files inside. And the variety of types is really impressive: trojans, coin miners, adware, ransomware, backdoors, keyloggers, spyware, phishing apps, and several others.

For this experiment I have used the Custom scan option. This scan is fast because it scans only several directories, instead of the whole file system like Standard and Full scan does. In 20 seconds, I got a result.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware against 1392 viruses

All malware has been successfully detected. I chose the “delete” option for all detected to delete these viruses. Removal process for all 1392 hazards was about 12 seconds. This result perfectly demonstrates the efficiency of GridinSoft Anti-Malware as a virus scanner and remover.

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User’s opinion

To be 100% objective, I decided to check the feedback of the users who installed the GridinSoft security tool after my advice. I was pleasantly surprised after seeing such good comments.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Reviews

As you can see, the majority of users praise Gridinsoft Anti-Malware for the easy interface, price-quality correlation, low resource requirements and efficiency of Internet Security function.

Have you used GridinSoft Anti-Malware? Leave a comment below and tell us how your experience was.


GridinSoft Anti-malware is an example of a perfect antivirus solution, which can fit literally everyone. It has all essential functions, such as different scan types and proactive protection, and also a wide range of flexible settings. And when you are purchasing the GridinSoft product, you are not paying for the embedded VPN service, keychain, or disk encryption mechanism, which is integral for top-tier security tools but is usually not demanded by users.

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Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann has been writing on security and malware subjects for many years and has been working in the security industry for over 10 years. Daniel was educated at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany and currently lives in New York.

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  1. My laptop was infected — badly — with DNS Unlocker, a nasty piece of adware.

    After trying to fix it myself, including a lot of research about uninstalling the program and resetting all browsers and even (with some guidance) checking out the registry, I gave up, did some more research and, somewhat nervously at this point, downloaded GridinSoft. The scan was quick and easy, found a bazillion suspicious files and deleted/quarantined them (my choice).

    BUT the malware was still there. So I contacted support by email. They responded within hours and me the option of giving them remote access to my computer. I nervously did this as well. I actually happened to watch the last 20 minutes of the session and was entranced with the speed of opening and closing windows. They logged off, sent me an email that it was fixed and . . . . it was. DNS Unlocker had managed to reconfigure my internet settings so that every window of every browser was directed through THEIR servers. Very scary. Kudos to the support team for their responsiveness and for solving the problem.

  2. Nice program. Cleaned the computer of the trash, which installed without my consent and deleted serious trojans and viruses… I recommend to use it

  3. GridinSoft is probably the best antivirus on the market! Very difficult to get rid of malware infected my computer. I tried a SpyHunter and McAfee and was the only one that worked.
    I highly recommend GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

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