Porn applications found in Microsoft Store

Symantec reports that unwanted programs have been detected in the official Microsoft Store that may display pornographic or gambling-related content. “On March 14, we found 81 potentially unwanted apps on the Microsoft Store. Some of these programs displayed pornographic images, others – gambling-related content, ”writes the antivirus company in its …

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Cyber Bullying


Integrating into the world of Internet technologies, adolescents are vulnerable to a virtual peer aggression, which can bring even to suicide. Here are some facts from the cyber bullying history. In 2002, the American teenager Zhislen Raza for fun shot a video in which he portrayed the hero of the …

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How to avoid spam and phishing scams in email?

Smap and phihsing

Lots of malware strikes today happen via a mix of sly e-mails (spam) and also jeopardized websites. Communicating with spam can place your individual info in jeopardy along with download an infection to your equipment that might infect various other computer systems on the network. Today we will certainly take …

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Momo Suicide Challenge on WhatsApp

Cops around the world are warning parents about Momo game. Cops in Argentina are currently investigating the game’s potential link to the death of a 12-year-old girl near Buenos Aires. The cops, who have unlocked the girl’s phone, claim to have evidence that she filmed a video of herself shortly …

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Why we still keep our photo on CD-disks?

With the increased popularity of digital cameras and smartphones with cameras more and more people are taking pictures. Once they take these pictures they will need a place to store them until they figure what in the world they plan to do with all of the pictures that they took. …

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TOP-10 useful tips for teens (in the social networks)

Safe social media

Everybody loves social networks. Be honest now, if you’re a teenager, you probably can’t imagine your life without at least one of them! And your morning starts not with coffee 🙂 It’s alright to prefer staying connected with your friends 24/7 and learn the news which you’ve chosen immediately after …

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Child safety on the Internet

  Today it is impossible to imagine a modern man that does not use the Internet in their lives. The World Wide Web is so firmly established in our lives, that even children often replace live communication between classmates by chatting on social networks. Children are much faster to absorb and understand any …

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