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How not to lose your precious files

Files and folders

Try an important and useful experiment with your relative. Say him that he just lost his aptops (or PCs) by any reason. Let him think what data he would say goodbye forever. You will see how he thinks about it, turn pale and feel immense horror. Perhaps he copied “My …

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Magento: PayPal $0 Dollar Transaction Issue

Various cybercrime groups and online fraudsters use Magento’s integration with PayPal to check the relevance of stolen payment cards. The scheme is that the attacker is trying to make hundreds of transactions worth $ 0. Such attacks are made on Magento stores that support integration with PayPal Payflow Pro. Integration …

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Facebook will introduce Clear History tool this spring

Representatives of the social network Facebook promised soon to provide users with the Clear History tool, designed to clear all the data collected by the social network. According to David Wener, the company’s CFO, this feature will become available later this year. According to Facebook’s developers, Clear History will remove …

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