Windows 10 users avoid installing updates

AdDuplex company studied data about 5000 applications from Microsoft Store that use SDK AdDuplex advertisement.

By doing this, analysts managed to collect data on 100 000 computers and learn what Windows’ version they use.

As it turned out, users still avoid installing Windows 10 1809 that is also known as Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

According to the collected information, overwhelming majority of users (63,2%) still work on Windows 10 1803 version that was released in April 2018. However, only 29,3% switched to Windows 10 1809. In addition, 3,5% users have Creators Update while 3,3% are attached to their Fall Creators Update (1709 version).

“Newer versions are found on less than 1% of PCs despite a substantial (more than 2x) growth since last month”, — reported in AdDuplex.

As company reports, builders 19H1 Windows Insider (1903) possess only 0,8% of studied PCs.

It is not quite clear, what is the reason for this slow user’s transition to Windows 10 1809. It is worth reminding that October updated caused numerous issues. For example, update removed files, in system developed conflicts between drivers, audio refused to work, emerged issues with ZIP archives and iCloud etc.

It can be suggested that people deliberately avoid installing 1809 version due to this numerous bugs and compatibility problems though it is also possible that Microsoft itself blocks spread of update for greater number of PCs.

Windows 10 OS Worldwide History
Windows 10 OS Worldwide History


Daniel Zimmermann

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