Carding Site BidenCash Releases Data for 2.1 Million Bank Cards for Free

Operators of the carding site BidenCash decided to celebrate the anniversary of their resource in a big way. In honor of the “anniversary”, the administration posted a file for free on the XSS hack forum containing information about 2.1 million compromised bank cards.

Let me remind you that the BidenCash website was launched in the spring of 2022 and almost immediately became famous due to a similar action: then BidenCash operators decided to distribute a CSV file containing names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and bank card numbers to everyone for free, and thus promote your platform. Then the experts reported that data about 6600 bank cards can be found in the dump, and about 1300 of them are new and valid cards.

The media also wrote that Former Cardplanet operator Alexey Burkov was deported to Russia from the USA, which in itself is already a “punishment”.

The administration of the card resource held another free distribution of cards in the fall of 2022. Then, as part of a promotion aimed at attracting new users, a new free map dump was published. According to Cyble analysts, in total, the dump contained information about 1.2 million cards from around the world, with a validity period between 2023 and 2026.

Most of the card data came from web skimmers: malicious scripts that hackers inject into the checkout pages of online stores. Such scripts steal information about bank cards and other user data.

As Flashpoint now reports, the new “anniversary” dump also includes the name and address of the cardholder, as well as personal financial data: the full card number, expiration date, CVV number and bank name.

Analysts estimate that about 70% of leaked cards will expire in 2023. 50% of the cards belong to individuals or entities from the US, and about 5% were stolen from users in China and the UK.

Researchers say BidenCash is currently in the top 5 carding stores in terms of card count, but their quality (the “lifetime” of cards) is always more important than quantity.

Carding site BidenCash

This free BidenCash dump is one of the largest of the last year (usually no more than 40,000 stolen cards appear in the public domain at a time). However, the researchers believe that it is likely that most of the cards that have been made public will expire soon, or financial institutions are already aware of the fraud associated with them.
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