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Dexphot cryptocurrency miner infected more than 80 thousand computers

Dexphot Cryptocurrency Miner

Experts from Microsoft warned about attacks by the cryptocurrency miner Dexphot, which managed to infect more than 80 thousand computers around the world. According to experts, the main feature of Dexphot is the use of sophisticated techniques to avoid detection. “In October 2018, our polymorphic outbreak monitoring system detected a …

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BlueKeep Attack Warnings Didn’t Affect Users

BlueKeep warnings not affect users

Researchers from the SANS Institute (USA) over the past few months have been monitoring the situation with the use of patches that fix the BlueKeep vulnerability in Windows, and with the use fof Shodan recorded the number of vulnerable computers connected to the Network. Experts concluded that the massive warnings …

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Leading IT companies teamed up to form an alliance to protect industry

IT companies teamed up to protect industry

More than 10 IT companies, including Microsoft, BlackBerry Cylance, Fortinet and Splunk Tecnology, united efforts to protect the industry and formed an alliance to strengthen security in industrial infrastructures. Experts from the association, called the Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA), will prepare practical guides to protect manufacturing processes, critical …

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More than half of industrial enterprises still use outdated OS

Outdated OS For 62% of Enterprises

Outdated and unsupported operating systems are still present in the networks of industrial enterprises, putting them at serious risk. According to CyberX researchers, about 62% of industrial enterprises still use outdated OS. 62% of industrial networks still use devices running on older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and …

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