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Hackers hide web skimmers in image metadata

Web skimmers hide in metadata

Malwarebytes experts discovered that MageCart hackers use a kind of steganography and hide web skimmers in EXIF image metadata and use images to extract stolen data. Initially, the name MageCart was assigned to one hack group, which first began to use the so-called web skimmers on websites to steal bank …

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Magento may deprive support of more than 200 thousand sites

Magento will deprive support of 200 thousand sites

The first version of CMS Magento will expire in June 2020, but the vast majority of online storeowners have not yet switched to the current release of the platform. Thus, Magento may deprive support of more than 200 thousand sites. According to various sources, from almost 200 to 240 thousand …

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Europol called the main cyberthreats of 2019

Europol called the main cyber threats

Europol experts presented the results of a study of relevant cyberthreats: in fact, they named the main cyberthreats of 2019. According to analysts, the greatest danger today is the activity of cryptographers and malware, which hunt for a variety of users’ data. According to Europol researchers, new threats do not …

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