The FBI charged a Russian who ran a criminal marketplace

The US Department of Justice (with the participation of the FBI) charged 23-year-old Russian Igor Dekhtyarchuk and added him to the FBI’s list of most wanted cybercriminals.

The US authorities believe that for the past few years, Dekhtyarchuk has been running a large marketplace where he traded bank cards, access to compromised devices and accounts, as well as personal data. Although the name of the marketplace was not disclosed, and it appears in the documents as “marketplace A” with about 5,000 visitors per day. It is reported that the suspect operated on the network under the nickname Floraby.

The indictment states that back in May 2018, Dekhtyarchuk launched an unnamed marketplace, but already in April 2018 he was actively promoting his future project on Russian-language hacker forums.

Dekhtiarchuk started advertising the sale of compromised accounts on Russian-language hacker forums in April 2018 and opened Marketplace A in May 2018. Dekhtyarchuk immediately began advertising Marketplace A and the products it sold. As of May 2021, Dekhtiarchuk publicly announced that he had sold more than 48,000 compromised email accounts, 25,000 compromised company B accounts, and 19,000 compromised accounts of company A through Marketplace A.according to the US Department of Justice.

When buyers purchased access to any device on the marketplace, Dekhtyarchuk or one of his associates allegedly contacted them via Telegram and sent them login credentials or cookies.

Dekhtyarchuk is charged with wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft. In the US, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the investigation, the suspect previously studied at the Ural State University in Yekaterinburg, and his last known place of residence is the city of Kamensk-Uralsky.

Journalists from Bleeping Computer write that with the help of KELA’s DARKBEAST service, they managed to find a person on the network with the nickname Floraby, who advertised the BAYACC trading platform that sells compromised credentials. Although the site appears to be defunct, the archives show that BAYACC sold accounts of various companies, including eBay, Amazon, SamsClub and PayPal, at prices quoted in Russian rubles.

The FBI charged the Russian

The head of Advanced Intel, Vitaly Kremez, also confirmed to the publication that a man known as Floraby was engaged in brute force and was the main supplier of the BAYACC trading platform.

A man used compromised data from various e-commerce sites to hack accounts of major retail stores and sell them online to various carders and scammers. His BAYACC store competed prominently with major marketplaces like SlilPP for criminal market share by offering daily free updates of compromised accounts.Kremez says.

Let me remind you that we also talked about the fact that Operator of the proxy botnet Russian2015 pleaded guilty, and also that US authorities accused six Russians of NotPetya, KillDisk and OlympicDestroyer attacks.

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