Check Point: the number of fake vaccination certificates sellers in Telegram increased 10 times

Check Point researchers continue to study the black market sellers of fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Experts write that there are more and more such offers all over the world, and in September the number of suppliers of fake certificates in Telegram increased 10 times (up to 10,000).

The company’s report states that the black market for counterfeit certificates is expanding globally, with certificates now being sold in 29 countries, including Austria, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, UAE.

Back in March 2021, as COVID-19 vaccinations began to grow, the number of ads tripled to over 1,200, and fake certificate sellers were based in the United States and European countries such as Spain, Germany, France and Russia.

Counterfeit prices then started at $250, while fake COVID-19 negative test results cost only $25 apiece.Check Point researchers say.

But now the situation has changed. The fact is that more and more countries around the world are making decisions about mass vaccination. For example, the new mandate of US President Joe Biden on vaccinations affects hundreds of public and private companies, as well as tens of millions of employees, which naturally causes an increase in demand for fake vaccination certificates. So, in August 2021, Check Point Research specialists observed 25,000 to 30,000 subscribers in Telegram channels selling fake certificates. But after Biden’s instructions, the number of subscribers increased, some channels already have more than 300,000 people.

In addition, researchers have discovered new methods of distributing fake certificates. For example, in Austria, a Telegram bot has appeared that creates fake certificates for free. All you need to do is enter your data into the form and download a ready-made personalized pdf file with a negative PCR result.

According to researchers, prices for fake certificates worldwide range from $85 to $200. In particular, after Biden’s instructions in the United States, the cost of a fake certificate in the country has doubled – from $100 to $200.

Prices for certificates in some countries (according to Check Point):

fake vaccination certificates

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