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Netwalker ransomware attacked K-Electric, one of the largest electricity suppliers in Pakistan

Netwalker ransomware attacked K-Electric

Bleeping Computer reports that this week ransomware Netwalker attackerd K-Electric, the largest electricity supplier in the Pakistani city of Karachi, disrupting billing and several other online services. K-Electric is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Pakistan, serving 2.5 million customers and over 10,000 employees. On September 7, 2020, the …

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Conti ransomware got its own website for stolen data

Conti ransomware got a website

Bleeping Computer journalists noticed that another ransomware group has launched its own website for stolen data from hacked companies that refuse to pay the ransom. The Conti ransomware, which many information security specialists consider the “successor” of the well-known ransomware Ryuk, has acquired its own website for leaked data. Conti …

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RansomEXX ransomware attacked Konica Minolta

RansomEXX attacked Konica Minolta

Bleeping Computer reports that a week ago RansomEXX ransomware attacked Konica Minolta. Many of the holding’s services suffered from the attack. The first signs of a failure were noticed by the company’s customers back on July 30, 2020. Then users began to discover that the Konica Minolta product support site …

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Shiny Hunters hackers published user data from 18 companies for free

Shiny Hunters published data

The Shiny Hunters hacker group has been quite active in recent months. For example, it claimed responsibility for compromising Microsoft’s GitHub repositories, and also hacked Tokopedia (Indonesia’s largest online store) and sold data from more than a dozen other companies. Now Shiny Hunters hackers have published user data of 18 …

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D-Link routers did not receive fixes for critical bugs

D-Link routers did not receive fixes

In February of this year, Palo Alto Networks experts identified a number of serious vulnerabilities in the D-Link DIR-865L routers, and immediately informed the manufacturer about it. However, so far these D-Link routers did not receive all fixes. Unfortunately, this router model, released back in 2012, is no longer supported …

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Fake SpaceX YouTube channels lured from users over $150,000

Fake SpaceX YouTube Channels

Bleeping Computer journalists warned that the scammers recently seized three YouTube channels, gave them new names associated with SpaceX, and then launched fake “broadcasts” with Elon Musk, during which they conducted fictitious distributions of bitcoins. Thus, from fake SpaceX channels on YouTube, attackers lured users over $150,000 in cryptocurrency in …

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