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Hackers exploit coronavirus vaccine theme

hackers exploit coronavirus vaccine

We have already talked about the avalanche-like increase in usage of COVID-19 topics by cybercriminals. But now, Check Point experts have warned of a new trend: now hackers are exploiting the topic of a coronavirus vaccine. The main vector of attacks is email, which accounted for 82% of such attacks …

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Emotet Botnet Now Distributes QakBot Banker

Emotet distributes the QakBot banker

Recently we wrote that the Emotet botnet, which had not shown “signs of life” since February 2020, has returned to work with a new spam campaign. Now it distributes information about QakBot banker. Watching the newly revived malware, cybersecurity experts report that the botnet has changed its core load and …

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Hacked Oxford server was used for phishing attacks on Office 365

Office 365 phishing attacks

Check Point experts unveiled a sophisticated cybercriminal campaign aimed at collecting corporate data and compromising Microsoft Office 365 accounts through phishing attacks. To avoid detection, the attackers used the servers of well-known organizations – Oxford University, Adobe and Samsung. 43% of these attacks were targeted at European companies, while the …

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Cybercriminals Spread Malware through Zoom Fake Domains

Fake Zoom Domains

As more people start working from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom’s video conferencing service is becoming increasingly popular. Cybercriminals decided to take advantage of this situation, and now they distribute malware through the fake Zoom domains. Fraudsters register fake “Zoom” domains and create homonymous malicious executable files …

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