No more passwords needed: Windows Hello system passed FIDO2 certification

Consortium FIDO certified Windows 10 version 1903 that will be released at the end of May 2019.

Microsoft heads towards full cancellation of passwords since 2019. As a substitution of traditional authentication methods should come Windows Hello technology

According to company’s data, every month about 800 million use their Microsoft accounts for access to mails, games and cloud storage. Implementation of new authentication system amy rise security level of all accounts.

Windows Hello allows Windows 10 users unlock their devices with the use of face recognition function, fingerprints scanning and a PIN-code.

“No one loves passwords (except hackers). We call companies and software developers accept strategy that will lead to future without passwords”, – said Yogesh Mehta, head of authentication department in Azure Core OS.

While FIDO used passwords in the process of two-factor authentication, from FIDO2 they were completely eliminated.

“This is a response of the enterprise on the global issue of passwords that resolves all questions of traditional authentication”, – argue FIDO Alliance representatives, including Microsoft Corporation.

According to FIDO2 standard, every time with registration in any online-service user creates new pair of keys. Private key is saved on the device while open key serves for authentication on a web-site.

Authentication is performed when user confirms that he possesses private key with the use of biometric data or PIN-code.

Privat Key for FIDO2
Privat Key for FIDO2

In this way, user’s credentials are unique on every web-site, never leave the device and are not stored on a server. Such model significantly declines risk of fishing attack and resolves problem of losing password. Users will be able to pass authentication with FIDO2 standard on all Windows 10 version 1903 devices.

It is worth noting that Windows Hello work is possible in Microsoft browsers only. FIDO2 will be supported in Mozilla Firefox on the Windows-powered devices. Company’s representatives say that this option soon will be added in Chromium–browsers as Microsoft Edge on Chromium.

New protocols are also available for mobile OS. Earlier FIDO Alliances’ consortium certified all devices on the base of Android 7.0 and higher version – they will also support FIDO2 protocol.


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