Facebook will introduce Clear History tool this spring

Representatives of the social network Facebook promised soon to provide users with the Clear History tool, designed to clear all the data collected by the social network. According to David Wener, the company’s CFO, this feature will become available later this year.

According to Facebook’s developers, Clear History will remove all information about you from third-party applications and from third-party websites. Some believe that this way the social platform intends to regain the trust of users.

Mark Zuckerberg, describing this tool, made an analogy with clearing the history of visits in any of the modern browsers.

“In the case of the browser, you have an easy way to delete your browsing history, as well as cookies. This implementation appeals to the fact that the user always has the opportunity to erase this data, ”writes the founder and CEO of Facebook.

“We are developing a similar solution for Facebook. The tool will imply control over your data on the social platform — you can delete your browsing history at any time. ”

According to information provided by BuzzFeed News, Facebook will begin testing this tool in the spring.
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