Swiss company Aebi Schmidt stopped production because of ransomware virus attack

Swiss producer of technical equipment for streets and airports cleaning Aebi Scmidt had to postpose manufacturing due to cyberattack with the use of extortion malware.

About it reports TechCrunch with the link on the informed sources.

According to the resource, incident took place on Tuesday, April 23. Because of the attack was distorted work of internal company’s network, moreover, broke down some of the systems worldwide that were connected to this network.

Hackers managed to turn off systems that are responsible for operating processes and company’s emails. Currently it is unclear, what extortion program caused these problems.

Aebi Schmidt representative Thomas Schiess confirmed fact of the attack:

“I can confirm that the availability of other systems was or may still be limited, our specialists are still working on resolving the issue, the cause is not yet clear,” he said.

Additionally he reported that company have partially restored work of its systems, but corporate Windows-network was mostly “damaged by the virus” and some systems are still switched off as a precaution.

“Technicians are working hard to restore the Windows environment, but this will take some time,” – told Thomas Schiess.

The full scale of the damage is not established, however, TechCrunch source says that employees were sent home and some of them were forced to take leave at their own expenses.

Aebi Schmidt extended the list companies that suffered from extorting malware in the recent months.

In particular, in March, Norsk Hydro that is one of the world biggest aluminum producers had to stop its production after hackers’ attack, and in the latest time cyberattack interrupted broadcasting of The Weather Channel.


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