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Phone numbers of 419 million Facebook users leaked to the Network

Facebook phone numbers leaked

Attackers posted on the Internet a leaked database with information about the phone numbers of millions Facebook users. The discovered server contained databases with data from more than 419 million users from different countries, including from the USA (133 million), Vietnam (50 million), and Great Britain (18 million). Since the …

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Hong Kong users accuse Facebook and China’s Zao app in violating privacy

Facebook and Zao violating privacy

In the past few years, Facebook was noticed in scandals related to violation of users’ privacy. Now, the Facebook application has been convicted of collecting information about users’ system libraries and uploading it to the company’s servers. Additionally, experts blame the Chinese face-changing application Zao for manipulating users’ data. Hong …

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Facebook cooperates with HackerOne to find vulnerabilities in Libra

Facebook with HackerOne for Libra

Facebook representatives said that the company intends to cooperate with the vulnerability search program HackerOne. The goal of this collaboration will be to protect the Libra cryptocurrency project from vulnerabilities. Earlier, government regulators insisted that Facebook postpone the implementation of the project, since Libra, according to authorities, poses a potential …

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Facebook and Google are monitoring porn users

Facebook and Google are monitoring porn

Researchers concluded that large IT-companies, such as Facebook and Google, monitor porn sites users. Authors of the research, specialists from Microsoft Research, Carnegie Melon University and University of Pennsylvania analyzed 22,484 porn sites and found that 93% of them transfer data to third parties, including cases of access through the …

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Avast researchers found on Google Play several surveillance applications

Avast researchers found on Google Play several surveillance applications

Avast specialists discovered seven spyware applications for ordinary users (the so-called stalkerware) in the Google Play directory. Although these products regularly removed from the catalog, as the rules of Google Play strictly prohibit the distribution of such solutions, many of them manage still to gain thousands of installations. Such issue …

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Following Chrome, Firefox will mark all HTTP-pages as “unsafe”

Firefox will mark all HTTP-pages as “unsafe”

Following Google, Mozilla decided to display insecure icons on all HTTP sites downloaded by Firefox. New changes will affect Firefox 70 version, it is scheduled for release in October 2019. Previously, these icons were displayed only on sites that contain forms or login fields. According to Mozilla, since more than …

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Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos for download

Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos

According to researcher Edin Jusupovic, social network Facebook includes hidden codes in photos uploaded by users to the site. The company can track the activity associated with them and use this data to target advertising. “I noticed a structural anomaly while viewing the dump in hexadecimal format from an unknown …

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Facebook was fined $ 5 billion for violation of confidentiality laws

Facebook is fined

The Federal Trade Commission has fined Facebook $ 5 billion. This decision was made by the regulator based on the results of a long-standing investigation regarding the practices of the Internet giant, which provided insufficient user privacy. “It would also represent one of the most aggressive regulatory actions by the …

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