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Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos for download

Facebook incorporates hidden codes in photos

According to researcher Edin Jusupovic, social network Facebook includes hidden codes in photos uploaded by users to the site. The company can track the activity associated with them and use this data to target advertising. “I noticed a structural anomaly while viewing the dump in hexadecimal format from an unknown …

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WSJ discovered that Facebook is close to launching its own payment network


Stablecoin, an upcoming Facebook development, will be the base of fully new payment network, reports The Wall Street Journal. As periodical informs, Facebook blockchain initiative that is named Project Libra suggests creation of “stablecoin”, secured by fiat currency. Acquainted with situation source reported WSJ, that for support of this project …

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Ups, I did it again: Facebook accidently stored emails of more than 1,5 million users

Facebook watching you

Facebook by accident downloaded contacts from emails of more than 1,5 million users. Since May 2016 for confirmation of accounts, social network asked not only emails of some users, but also passwords from them. Users were supposed to voluntary upload their contacts. Later company changed this function and deleted message …

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Facebook-Google Scammer Pleads Guilty in $123 Million Theft

A Lithuanian citizen has confessed to fraud against Google and Facebook. Using fake invoices, the perpetrator forced employees to transfer money to their bank accounts. In total, the attacker’s income from such activities amounted to $123 million. As a result, 50-year-old Evaldas Rimasauskas heard his verdict in New York yesterday. …

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PornHub had a traffic spike on the day Facebook and Instagram crashed

Representatives of the well-known PornHub website in certain circles provided interesting statistics. It turned out that the recent disruptions in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram provoked a sharp increase in resource attendance for adults. Recall that on the evening of March 13 at the Twitter there were complaints about the inaccessibility …

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