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Researchers discover 1.2 billion user data on ElasticSearch server

ElasticSearch data 1.2 billion users

Information security experts Bob Diachenko and Vinny Troia discovered open source on ElasticSearch server, available without authentication, where were stored 4 terabytes of data: information of 4 billion people, of which 1.2 billion were unique users. Researchers found on the server names, email addresses, phone numbers and profile information of …

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Facebook reports another data leak

Another data leak on Facebook

Facebook developers have discovered a software bug related to access rights to information of group members. Perhaps there was another data leak. Due to an API error, some application administrators may have bypassed previously imposed restrictions and received sensitive information from users. The social network limited access to this data …

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Facebook has blocked the accounts of NSO Group employees

Facebook blocked NSO Group

This week, Facebook sued against the Israeli company NSO Group, which develops and sells spyware solutions and the so-called “legal malware”. Now it became known that Facebook has blocked the accounts of NSO Group employees. The reason for the lawsuit was the zero-day vulnerability in WhatsApp, which became known in …

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Cyberattack disables many Georgian websites

Cyberattack on many Georgian websites

Yesterday, on October 28, 2019, the media reported about massive attacks on the Georgian segment of the Internet. The cyberattack disabled many Georgian sites: for example, unknown attackers defaced Georgian president website, governmental resources and interfered in the work of local media. In particular, were attacked Georgian television companies Imedi, …

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