ISS is testing cybersecurity orbital protocols

ISS is testing cybersecurity protocol

The encryption process in space does not go the way it does on Earth, and can be disrupted by cosmic radiation. In this regard, the European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a new cybersecurity protocol, which is currently being tested at the International Space Station (ISS). Accidental switching of memory …

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UNNAM3D Ransomware uses WinRar For Encryption

The campaign for distributing the Unnam3d R@nsomware coder is documented by experts from the BleepingComputer portal. The malware uses the WinRAR utility to transfer the victim’s files to a password-protected archive and requires a $50 Amazon gift card to recover information. Security experts argue that there is an opportunity to …

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Government spyware found on Google Play Store

Researchers have discovered a new type of government malware that was visible to everyone in the official Android app store Google Play Store. Experts believe that this program was used for wiretapping users. The malware was hiding in several applications hosted on the Google Play Store. During the months during …

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Sprint customers complained about the disclosure of personal data

Several customers of the Sprint telecommunications company reported that they had access to the personal information of other subscribers. In particular, in their accounts, users observed other people’s names and phone numbers, as well as details of calls and SMS messages. Subscribers who discovered a strange bug immediately reported the …

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