Hackers Attack Colombia Energy and Metal Industries

Hackers attack industries in Colombia

Specialists of cybersecurity company ESET have uncovered a cybercriminal campaign, in which hackers attack the energy and metallurgical industries in Colombia. However, this is not the only targe of cybercriminals and they carry out cyberattacks on government and private organizations in Colombia. ESET researchers began tracking a malicious campaign named …

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Security experts linked Sunburst backdoor with the Kazuar malware

Sunburst backdoor with Kazuar malware

Security professionals continue to investigate the massive supply chain attack on SolarWinds and its customers. Kaspersky Lab experts have linked the Sunburst backdoor with the Kazuar malware. Although Kaspersky Lab does not formally participate in the investigation of this incident (and indeed, Russian hackers were accused of the largest attack …

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries Corp. affected by Hacking and Data Leakage

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Hacking

Japanese giant Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which operates in the heavy equipment manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and defence industries, reported about an attack and possible data leakage as third parties gained unauthorized access to the company’s server from several of its overseas offices. “As a result of a thorough investigation, the company …

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Vietnam suffered by complex supply chain attack

Supply chain attack in Vietnam

ESET experts reported that an extraordinary attack on the supply chain was carried out by unknown hackers in Vietnam. Unknown hackers have embedded malware into applications distributed by the Vietnam Government Certification Authority (VGCA) – this government organization issues digital certificates that can be used for creating electronic signatures. As …

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June patch does not fully fix 0-day vulnerabilities in Windows

0-day vulnerabilities in Windows

In May 2020, Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative researchers reported about five unpatched 0-day vulnerabilities in Windows, four of which were at high risk. The three vulnerabilities identified as CVE-2020-0916, CVE-2020-0986, and CVE-2020-0915 scored 7 out of 10 on the CVSS vulnerability rating scale. In fact, these three problems allowed …

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