MrbMiner malware infected thousands of servers with MSSQL

MrbMiner infected MSSQL servers

Specialists of the Chinese company Tencent Security reported about the MrbMiner malware, which is used to install cryptocurrency miners on Microsoft SQL databases. According to experts, MrbMiner malware has infected thousands of MSSQL servers. The researchers named the group behind these attacks MrbMiner, after one of the domains used by …

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Hackers compete for vulnerable WordPress sites

Hackers compete for WordPress sites

Recently, a dangerous vulnerability was found in the File Manager plugin for WordPress that allows uploading malicious files to sites. Hackers have already started competing for WordPress sites that are affected by this vulnerability. The File Manager plugin is used by over 700,000 resources, and although the vulnerability has already …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Addresses 129 Vulnerabilities, Including More Than 20 Critical Ones

Microsoft Patch Tuesday

September Patch Tuesday brought fixes for 129 vulnerabilities in 15 different Microsoft products: Windows, Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, ChakraCore, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Office, ASP.NET, OneDrive, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio and Microsoft Dynamics. At the same time, the company’s engineers assure that any of the vulnerabilities eliminated this month …

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