Microsoft Edge overtook Mozilla Firefox in popularity

Microsoft Edge overtook Firefox

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge is now overtook Mozilla Firefox in popularity. This makes Edge the second desktop browser in the world, although Google Chrome still leads with a huge margin and currently occupies 68.5% of the market. This month, Edge first surpassed Firefox in popularity and market share. Even …

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SpaceX and NASA forbid employees to use Zoom

SpaceX and NASA forbid Zoom

Due to widespread of self-isolation and quarantine, the Zoom video conferencing application has gained unprecedented popularity: the number of its users has increased from 10,000,000 in December 2019 to 200,000,000 in March 2020. However, the number of bug reports in the application reached a critical mass: SpaceX and NASA even …

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China proposes to replace TCP/IP with New IP

Replace TCP/IP with New IP

According to the Financial Times, the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has received a proposal to replace the TCP/IP protocol with a new one – New IP. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Huawei and China Unicom and China Telecom have jointly proposed changes to the current state …

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Cybercriminals Spread Malware through Zoom Fake Domains

Fake Zoom Domains

As more people start working from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom’s video conferencing service is becoming increasingly popular. Cybercriminals decided to take advantage of this situation, and now they distribute malware through the fake Zoom domains. Fraudsters register fake “Zoom” domains and create homonymous malicious executable files …

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Apple fixed 27 code execution vulnerabilities in a number of products

Apple fixed 27 vulnerabilities

Apple released macOS Catalina 10.15.4, in which fixed 27 vulnerabilities. Problems affected components such as Bluetooth, call history, CoreFoundation, FaceTime, the kernel, libxml2, Mail, sudo, and Time Machine. The exploitation of vulnerabilities allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code with system or kernel privileges, increase privileges on the system, and also …

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