Logistics company Expeditors halts international operations due to cyberattack

Logistics company Expeditors International suffered a cyberattack over the weekend that brought most of its international operations to a halt.

Expeditors has an annual gross income of about $10 billion, it also has 350 offices and more than 18,000 employees worldwide. The company provides its customers with services such as a complete supply chain, warehousing and distribution of goods, transportation, customs clearance and compliance control.

The Bleeping Computer notes that the official statement of the company does not say what type of cyberattack is in question, but it can be assumed that what is happening is connected with a large-scale ransomware attack.

Last Sunday, the publication received an anonymous report that Expeditors had undergone a major ransomware attack. Although journalists were unable to independently verify this information, Expeditors soon issued a short notice announcing a global suspension of operations due to a targeted attack.

Our systems may be unavailable while we assess and stabilize the security of our global environment by implementing backup procedures.Expeditors International said.

In a subsequent press release issued on Sunday evening, the company confirmed that the cyberattack forced it to shut down most systems around the world to ensure “the security of the overall global system environment.”

It is noted that the systems will remain offline until they can be safely restored from backups (which leads experts to think about a ransomware attack). The exact date of the resumption of work in the company is not yet known.

A global team of cybersecurity experts is currently investigating the attack and helping businesses reopen. The company says it will cover all costs of investigating and fixing the cyberattack, which is expected to last for a longer period.Bleeping Computer journalists report.
Because Expeditors is limited in its operations, including freight, customs and distribution, its customers may experience difficulties and delays in deliveries. Expeditors describes the incident as a “major event” that “could have a serious negative impact on the company’s business, earnings, results of operations and reputation.”

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