DDoS attacks on Andorra turned out to be related to the Squid Game Minecraft tournament

A Twitch-organized Minecraft tournament that was modelled after the popular Netflix series The Squid Game caused powerful DDoS attacks on Andorra’s only ISP.

The Record reports that the attacks were observed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, hit the Andorra Telecom provider, shutting down communications throughout the country for several hours.

All attacks coincided with live broadcasts of the Squidcraft Games tournament, which offered the winner a prize of $100,000 and was open only to Spanish-speaking users from Europe and Latin America.

Starting from the second day of the competition, DDoS attacks prevented players from Andorra from connecting to the tournament, as the local Internet provider could not cope with the volume of incoming traffic.

Confirmed: Internet disruption registered on Andorra Telecom (AS6752) on Saturday evening; the incident is attributed by the state telco to a DDoS attack targeting the high-stakes SquidCraftGames Minecraft Twitch competition, resulting in the elimination of Team Andorra.the staff at The Internet's Observatory @netblocks tweeted

As a result, more than ten players from Andorra, including streamers Auron, Grefg and Vicens, had to refuse to participate in the tournament, leaving the fight for the prize to players from Spain and Latin America.

The Record’s own sources said that some of the attacks peaked at 100Gbps. The publication writes that the attacks were associated with known DDoS services for hire, that is, it seems that someone who does not have his own botnet bought access to “firepower” precisely for the sake of carrying out attacks during the tournament.

Unfortunately, due to Andorra’s small population and isolated geographic location, the impact on its only ISP simultaneously crippled the connections of thousands of home consumers, local businesses and government agencies.

Let me remind you that we wrote that Microsoft: Azure platform hit by 2.4 TB / sec DDoS attack, and also that Yandex spoke about the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet.

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