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How to avoid spam and phishing scams in email?

Smap and phihsing

Lots of malware strikes today happen via a mix of sly e-mails (spam) and also jeopardized websites. Communicating with spam can place your individual info in jeopardy along with download an infection to your equipment that might infect various other computer systems on the network. Today we will certainly take …

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Chrome’s new API brings an end to ad blockers

The most popular web internet browser Chrome is preparing new modifications in the near future, which already are triggering a big commotion and discontent among users and content creators. Although Google declares to be making these modifications in their extension platform for security reasons mainly, the majority of advertisement blockers …

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Google warns about attacks on iPhone users.

One of Google’s leading security experts, Ben Hawkes, warns cybercriminals using two 0-day iOS vulnerabilities in real-world attacks. The attacks were fixed before Apple released iOS 12.1.4. IPhone users are recommended to install the patch released yesterday. The security problem was reported by the team leader in the Project Zero …

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