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What to do we done with slow computer? Problems with software

Functioning of any modern PC is based on cooperation of two important components, namely hardware and software. Their well-coordinated and correct work defines PCs speed and stability.

Earlier we described mechanism of actions if reason of hardware slowing has technical component.

However, computer’s slow work also can be caused by:

  1. Huge hard disk defragmentation
  2. Big size of operational system
  3. Infection with viruses
  4. Incorrect work of installed

Cleaning Windows register

Unfortunately, though we can use computer carefully, as a result of software’s work on the hard disk is always stored “trash”. Nothing is perfect in the world, hence, a wise man said that “there is no limit to perfection”. By this reason, as a result of errors and flaws in software after deletion (uninstall) of software on the disk left excess files and in the operational system preserved unnecessary notes.

Notification: Registry file: special internal database of Windows’ pthearameters and settings.

As registry file is uploaded in memory with OS, if it is smaller, operational system will need less memory and software will quicker search in this database. Installed by users software quite often makes its settings in Windows registry file. However, as a result of developers’ mistakes or flaws (simply speaking, developer’s laziness as they did not set registry cleaning after their software deletion), these software data are stored. The more we install and remote such programs, the more trash is left in registry, and, respectively, PC works slower.

For registry cleaning can be applied a series of special utilities that allow quickly and effectively delete all incorrect, erroneous or notes that became unnecessary.

For today one of the most popular registry “cleaners” are such programs as CCleaner. This is perhaps one of the best representatives of this class. After installation and start user have only to choose what he wants to clean – unnecessary files or registry. You should not worry that program will delete necessary data, as many years or application of this software proved that is does not make mistakes in this field.

Screenshot of CCleaner program
Screenshot of CCleaner program

It is recommended to conduct such cleanings once or twice a week.

Disk defragmentation for computer speeding

In the process of work on PC we often create and transit files from one disk on other or from one into other catalogue. One of the features of Windows file system organization is that file saved not as whole on a disk but is comprised of several pieces, called sectors and clusters. As a result of actions with files these pieces can be stored on different parts of a disk. The farther they are located, the more time needs hard disk for their reading and processing. Respectively, upon time such dispersion increases, that lead to deterioration of storage capacity. Increases time of reading/writing – declines speed of your PC’s work. It just waits until Winchester will pile a file from different places.

In restoring order are helpful programs for hard disk defragmentation. There is a bulk of them, but simple inbuilt Windows tools are great for this task.

It is enough to click on “My computer” icon, select necessary disk and press right botton of a mouse. In the arrived menu you should select “Properties” point. Or open the disk optimization tool by searching for “optimize” or “defrag” in the taskbar.

In the next window of the selected disk, you should choose “Optimize drives” and press “Optimize” bottom.

Optimization drives menu at Windows
Optimization drives menu at Windows

If on your PC is already installed some program that performs similar task, you can receive answer that is function in blocked by the program. Use this program to start defragmentation.

During the process of defragmentation, you can continue work on PC, but for giving it a chance to be the most effective you should wait until it finishes.

Viruses everywhere!

Sure, one of the most common reasons for computer slowing are viruses. At the time of computer’s work they can scan files’ system for further infecting (they invade files of certain formats). At this moment disk is substantially downloaded that make user feel that his computer is slows.

If you open windows with popup advertisement and similar actions when you work on the Internet, leads to similar results. In this case used system’s RAM and its volume for other software declines.

The only solution is installation of reliable antivirus program and its regular updating.

Screenshot of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware Software
Screenshot of Gridinsoft Anti-Malware Software

Obviously, you should not search on the Internet and use removable drives if your system have no antivirus at all. Infection of system is simple while its cleaning is often not possible without full reinstall.

Problems with drivers

After OS installation for its correct work on the equipment that is installed inside PC is necessary to install driver that is special software.

Modern PC consists of several blocks that comprise one space though every of these blocks can be launched by different manufacturers that in laid into it their functions and characteristics. This way, for full and faultless OS functioning it is necessary to know all nuances of devices, and this achieved by installation of drives that can be found on media that is supplied together with device.

Microsoft with its Windows OS family, cared about building universal drivers set inside a system. Due to this user can further configure its PC after installation. However, drivers cannot adjust to all settings inside computer. So, if to leave everything as it is, PC may not work with the full capacity or decline its capability.

Update Drivers Windows Menu
Update Drivers Windows Menu

By this, for correct and quick work of hardware is necessary after OS installation to ensure that you have drivers for all comprising PC devices.

The principle of consistency

As a rule, slow work of “digital circle” can be caused with not one, but a set of small problems. Therefore, investigating reasons, you should check all possible reasons. Always start your search with hardware part and, when you are sure that it is all fine, transit to treatment of software. Do it regularly.

Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann has been writing on security and malware subjects for many years and has been working in the security industry for over 10 years. Daniel was educated at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany and currently lives in New York.

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