Microsoft Outlook Users Complain about Spam due to Broken Filters

Customers all over the world are complaining that their Microsoft Outlook mailboxes are full of spam because spam filters have suddenly stopped working.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that the Iranian APT group invades government networks with malware via vulnerability in Outlook, and also that information security experts published an exploit for Outlook for Android vulnerability.

The media also wrote that Hackers Send Anti-Capitalist Spam to Receipt Printers.

According to Bleeping Computer, the problems started yesterday, February 20, 2023. Many Outlook users have reported on social media and on the Microsoft Community site that absolutely all messages go straight to their mailboxes, even if such messages were previously marked as spam and sent to the junk mail folder.

I have received 36 spam emails in the last 2 hours alone. This has been going on for far too long, and the situation is only getting worse with each passing hour.said clinic representativeswrites one of the victims of this strange glitch.
Noticed the same thing. Can’t find any mail rules, etc.. this seems to have happened overnight? ALL email going straight to inbox. MAJOR pain in the butt. Anyone out there that has seen or knows how to fix this?? Is this a larger Microsoft issues?another victim writes.

spam in Microsoft Outlook

At the same time, some note that even enabling the option “Trust only emails from my list of safe senders, safe mailing list domains” in the “Junk mail” -> “Filters” section does not solve the problem, that is, the operation of the filters is obviously broken.

While the complaints escalated, the Office status page reported that everything was working as expected and no failures were identified. Microsoft representatives also did not make any official statements or confirm reports from Outlook users that spam filters in mail do not work.

However, on February 21, the status page was still updated, and the developers assured that the problem was solved. According to them, the incident lasted about 13 hours, but what caused it was not reported.
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