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LG smartphones were vulnerable to cold-boot attacks for 7 years

LG smartphones are vulnerable for 7 years

Last month, LG developers released the security update LVE-SMP-200006 and fixed a vulnerability that affected all of the company’s Android smartphones. In fact, LG smartphones were vulnerable to cold-boot attacks for about 7 years. The problem got the identifier CVE-2020-12753, and it is related to the bootloader that comes with …

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Patches for Android now come to users faster

Patches for Android come faster

Analysts of the German company SRLabs, using the SnoopSnitch application installed on more than 500,000 smartphones, collected information on the so-called “Patch delays.” Experts concluded that security updates began to reach Android users faster. Update speed is important because Android OS has been recognized as the most vulnerable platform of …

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Attackers Spread Fake Coronavirus Android Tracker

fake coronavirus android tracker

While the whole world is actively fighting the coronavirus pandemic, attackers are resorting to new ways to steal money and data from users. Cybercriminals are distributing a fake Android tracker to track coronavirus infections. Specialists from DomainTools have recorded active registration of domain names in connection with the coronavirus. “Cybercriminals …

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Android OS became the most vulnerable platform in 2019

Android is the most vulnerable platform

The Android operating system became the most vulnerable platform in 2019. Specialists of TheBestVPN portal made this conclusion during the analysis of vulnerability statistics in various operating systems and software products for the end of 2019. According to TheBestVPN experts, we are all vulnerable when we connect to the Internet, …

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Vulnerability allows attackers to listen and intercept VPN connections

Vulnerability intercept VPN connections

Researchers from the University of New Mexico discovered a vulnerability affecting Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, iOS Android, and other Unix-based OSs. Vulnerability allows to listen, intercept and interfere with the operation of VPN connections. The bug got the identifier CVE-2019-14899, and the root of the problem lies in …

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