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Android preinstalled applications are full of vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in Android Pre-installed Software

Kryptowire company specialists conducted automatic analysis of applications that were preinstalled on Android-smartphones, and discovered more than 150 vulnerabilities. Among other permissions, preinstalled programs allow remote change of settings, side code execution and unpermitted audio recording. “In research funded by the US Department of Homeland Security, the Kryptowire found apps …

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Popular Android phones can be used to track users

Android phones track users

Security researchers from Purdue and Iowa Universities (USA) discovered vulnerabilities in several popular Android phones, exploiting which an attacker through the accessories could gain access to the firmware of the radio module (baseband) and thus track their users. Criminals can trick vulnerable phones into revealing unique identifiers, such as IMEI …

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Vulnerability in Signal messenger allows spying on users

Signal Vulnerability Spying on Users

In the Android version of the Signal secure messenger has been identified a logical error that allows spying on users. With the vulnerability, criminals can initiate a call and automatically answer it without the consent of the user. In other words, with the help of a bug, you can turn …

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Researchers Discovered Vulnerabilities in Android VoIP Components

Vulnerabilities in Android VoIP Components

A team of researchers from OPPO ZIWU Cyber Security Lab in Shenzhen, China University of Hong Kong and Singapore University of Management discovered 8 vulnerabilities in the Android VoIP components. Interestingly, to date, information security experts have studied Voice-over-IP (VoIP) only in the context of equipment, servers, and mobile applications, …

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Scammers found a new way to make money on Google Play

Scammers make money on Google Play

Sophos researchers discovered fraudulent applications on Google Play that make money by deceiving hundreds of dollars from victims’ accounts. Attackers lure the audience with a free trial period, after which they deduct money from the user, even if he deleted the program. Experts have counted at least 15 such applications …

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WhatsApp does not delete files sent to iPhone users

WhatsApp does not delete iPhone files

Information security specialist Shitesh Sachan told The Hacker News about a problem he recently discovered in the WhatsApp messenger: it does not delete files sent to iPhone users. The problem is very similar to a bug that researcher Dhiraj Mishra recently discovered on Telegram. So, Sachan noticed that even if …

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