Google says Android tablets are the future

The media noticed that Google is looking for a senior engineer-manager of applications for Android tablets and in general began to pay much more attention to tablets and foldable devices.

For example, recently several large OEMs have begun work on the corresponding hardware, and Google itself is working on Android 12L, designed for tablets and foldable devices.

Now, 9to5Google media has found a job opening for a Senior Engineer Manager for Android Tablet Applications, the description of which says:

We believe the future of computing is shifting towards more powerful and capable tablets. We are working to open a new chapter in computing systems and data by launching continuous support across all of our platforms and providing [people] with unique experiences that enable new and better ways to be productive and creative.

Journalists note that the company could have made such a statement back in 2011, when the iPad was released, but, apparently, the potential of tablets at Google was “considered” only now.

Rich Miner
Rich Miner

One of the responsibilities in the aforementioned position is to “develop roadmaps and launch implementations of our ink first hero app strategy.” This seems to indicate that Google has decided to put more emphasis on handwriting, which has long been supported on Samsung devices, for example, but Google’s Android apps have never had much stylus support (Chrome OS Pixel devices had styluses, but not Android tablets).

Another interesting change was recently noticed by Computerworld journalists: the publication reported that Android co-founder Rich Miner updated his Linkedin and now holds the position of CTO at Android Tablets. That is, apparently, the company now has an Android Tablets division (“Android Tablets”), and Miner began working in this position back in March last year.

The media are pointing out that if Google really plans to seriously work on tablets in the long term, and what is happening is not just a temporary surge of interest, then the company has a long way to go to catch up with today’s iPad and iPadOS, which are the result of 12 years of continuous work and spending huge resources.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that Google collects 20x more telemetry from Android than Apple from iOS, and also that Simple picture turns a smartphone with Android into the brick.

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