Police Shut Down Try2Check Card Verification Service Used by Cybercriminals

US authorities announced the shut down of Try2Check, a credit card verification service they say was popular with cybercriminals. Also, charges in absentia were brought against a Russian citizen who is the owner and creator of the service.

The US Department of Justice writes about the indictment of Russian citizen Denis Kulkov, who may have earned tens of millions of dollars (at least $18 million in cryptocurrency) from checking stolen bank cards.

According to law enforcement, Kulkov created Try2Check in 2005, and soon the platform gained popularity among cybercriminals who trade in stolen bank cards.

Try2Check was primarily used by those who bought or sold cards in bulk, as carders often need to check what percentage of cards in a dump are valid and active. In particular, we are talking about such darknet marketplaces as Joker’s Stash. Try2Check charged 20 cents for checking one card.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that Law Enforcement Officers Closed the Underground WT1SHOP Marketplace That Sold Bank Cards and Credentials.

Law enforcement officials write that not only cardholders and banks suffered from the work of Try2Check, but also an unnamed American payment processing company, whose systems were used to conduct checks.

Try2Check is currently closed following a joint operation by the US government, German and Austrian law enforcement agencies.

Try2Check card verification service

Try2Check conducted tens of millions of credit card checks a year and supported the operations of large card stores that generated hundreds of millions in bitcoin profits. In the nine months of 2018, the site completed at least 16 million checks, and in the 13 months starting September 2021, the site completed at least 17 million checks.according to the Ministry of Justice.

Also, the US State Department and the US Secret Service have announced a $10 million reward for any information leading to the capture and arrest of Kulkov, who currently resides in Russia.

Let me remind you that earlier the media wrote that Former Cardplanet operator Alexey Burkov was deported to Russia from the USA.
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