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Fake SpaceX YouTube channels lured from users over $150,000

Fake SpaceX YouTube Channels

Bleeping Computer journalists warned that the scammers recently seized three YouTube channels, gave them new names associated with SpaceX, and then launched fake “broadcasts” with Elon Musk, during which they conducted fictitious distributions of bitcoins. Thus, from fake SpaceX channels on YouTube, attackers lured users over $150,000 in cryptocurrency in …

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Published RCE exploit for SMBGhost problem

Published RCE exploit for SMBGhost

In March 2020 arrived information about the problem CVE-2020-0796, which is also called SMBGhost, CoronaBlue, NexternalBlue and BluesDay. The problem affects SMBv3, and Windows 10 1903, Windows 10 1909, Windows Server 1903, and Windows Server 1909 were vulnerable to the bug. A working RCE exploit for the SMBGhost problem has …

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Experts demonstrate exploit for SMBGhost RCE vulnerability

Exploit for SMBGhost RCE Vulnerability

In March 2020, was published information about the problem CVE-2020-0796, which is also called SMBGhost. It affects SMBv3, and almost all Windows systems were vulnerable to the bug. Now experts have demonstrated an exploit for SMBGhost RCE vulnerability. Let me remind you that the SMB protocol a few years ago …

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RagnarLocker ransomware operators attacked Energias de Portugal energy holding and demand a ransom of 10 million euros

RagnarLocker attacked Energias de Portugal

The Bleeping Computer magazine reported that at the beginning of this week, ransomware RagnarLocker attacked the Portuguese multinational company Energias de Portugal. Now the attackers are demanding a ransom of 1580 BTC (10.9 million dollars or 9.9 million euros). RagnarLocker ransomware operators claim that during the attack they stole more …

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