Odd things do happen (MilkmanVictory issue)

My long-time partner Gridinsoft with whom I have been collaborating in the fight against online threats for several years reported a pause in our relationship with an explanation that I have discredited myself as a specialist.

For some weeks now, unknown people have been attacking me with threatening letters, false accounts have been created in social networks on my behalf. Things that are happening now seem completely unrealistic: I have to spend a huge amount of time proving I am me, and not the unscrupulous person who they try to expose me to be.

Speaking in order: I investigate threats (programs and websites distributing them) and report them on my blogs. My aim is to work as an affiliate of several anti-virus companies and help anti-virus companies find a way to fix them, and users learn how to get rid of the current problem, by describing the difficulties that arise in a computer after interacting with such programs. This is my bread.

My specific interest is ransomware. This is the most unpleasant type of infection and yes, quite often it is impossible to find a way to decrypt corrupted files. Some antivirus companies have entire departments working on this, but my aim is to write about it as soon as possible (this is the specificity of my work). To do this, I created a whole arsenal of software tools that track forums, sites, and analyze various sources, often releasing articles automatically using templates.

One of these threats was MilkmanVictory. Later I learned that it was created by modern robin hoods to punish a certain company for dishonest actions. This program encrypted disks and behaved like ordinary ransomware. The post was released and nothing set it apart from dozens of similar reports of new threats. But then I received a message that I was misleading or rather deceiving people, arguing that it was possible to solve this problem. In fact, all decryption keys were destroyed by the creators out of principle. I could not know that.

To be fair it is worth saying that in my posts I mention the difficulties of decryption and advise groups and forums that are engaged in helping people with a similar problem. In addition, I advise to regularly check computers with scanners that detect the intervention of third-party programs in the computer, as they are the source of threats spreading. I was accused of lying. It turns out I should not have written an article about this problem and give people false hope for its solution.

Furthermore, when I blocked the post, having sorted out the nuances, I was asked to remove another one… the information about a real threat this time! I am not against small doses of revenge, but let’s be honest: to block access to the file and demand a reward for its restoration is extortion. I am categorically against such a course of events. It is sad, but in the modern world, it has become not only earnings but also entertainment for young people. And forgive me if I do not share it.

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Daniel Zimmermann has been writing on security and malware subjects for many years and has been working in the security industry for over 10 years. Daniel was educated at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany and currently lives in New York.

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  1. Skid group is threating you lol. Dont be scared

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