Stolen financial accounts are still being sold on Telegram

Cybersixgill researchers studied the criminal side of Telegram and report that criminals are still using the messenger to sell stolen financial accounts.

Analysts note that compared to the effort required to create and maintain an onion site, setting up a Telegram channel is a relatively quick and easy process. Since there is no moderation on the platform (and only extremist and terrorist content is censored), criminals are increasingly abusing it to promote their illegal services.

In compiling the report, experts filtered out spam from bots and focused only on data of interest containing certain keywords related to money laundering and the sale of financial accounts. Although Cybersixgill eventually concluded that Telegram financial account sales were down in 2021, the scale of the problem is still large.

Stolen financial accounts in Telegram

Analysts believe that the sharp 60% drop in sales (compared to 2020) was mainly due to the reduction in credit cards issued during the pandemic.

The sharp decline in discussions about compromised accounts from 2020 to 2021 may seem remarkable, but this is not an isolated event; in parallel, a decrease in the number of compromised credit cards sold over the same period on underground marketplaces was revealed. We attribute this decline to the closure of several carding marketplaces (either at the initiative of law enforcement or as a result of the “retirement” of intruders), as well as the continued trend towards contactless payments, which accelerated during the pandemic, and the overall decline in newly issued credit cards.experts say.

Be that as it may, PayPal accounts are most often traded on Telegram, as well as Chase and Western Union.

Stolen financial accounts in Telegram

Cybersixgill explains that buyers use most of the compromised PayPal accounts to buy hard-to-trace cryptocurrencies, essentially laundering money in this way. Moreover, criminals offer money transfer services directly on Telegram, helping other attackers to hide the origin of the stolen funds.

Stolen financial accounts in Telegram

To a lesser extent, Telegram channels sell bank card data, with about half of them including CVV/CVV2 codes required for online purchases. Prices range from $10 to $1,500 per card, depending on its balance and “freshness” of the data. For example, if the cardholder has not yet realized that he has been hacked, and the bank does not yet know about what happened, the price will be higher.

Stolen financial accounts in Telegram

Finally, Telegram has special channels where bank logs (credentials) are traded, which can also be used for electronic payments.

Stolen financial accounts in Telegram

It is clear that Telegram has become a powerful link for cybercriminal activities. In numerous chats and channels, attackers cooperate and communicate by exchanging tools, stolen data and presenting services, creating an illegal network that works in parallel with its darknet equivalent.

Let me remind you that we also said that the DDoS attack in Iran was conducted through Telegram proxy servers, and that the number of fake vaccination certificates sellers in Telegram increased 10 times.

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