Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10: Intel warns, patch 19 severe driver flaws now

Intel warns Windows 10 users of the danger of outdated graphics drivers in which there are serious vulnerabilities. The corporation strongly recommends that the drivers need to be updated by installing all the patches that Intel has released over the past year.

The processor manufacturer reported extremely dangerous vulnerabilities that affect the graphics driver for Windows. These gaps can lead to elevated privileges in the system, malfunction of the device, as well as information disclosure.

A total of 19 vulnerabilities were found, eight of which were discovered by Intel employees.

“Intel has released an update to the Intel Graphics Driver for Windows, in which these security issues are fixed…”

All the necessary patches can be found on this page:

Intel Graphics Drivers

Intel recommends that you do not delay installation of updates. To protect themselves, Windows 10 users should install the following driver versions:

  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10.18.x.5059 (also 15.33.x.5059)
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10.18.x.5057 (also 15.36.x.5057)
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 20.19.x.5063 (also 15.40.x.5063)
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 21.20.x.5064 (also 15.45.x.5064)
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows
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