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June patch does not fully fix 0-day vulnerabilities in Windows

0-day vulnerabilities in Windows

In May 2020, Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative researchers reported about five unpatched 0-day vulnerabilities in Windows, four of which were at high risk. The three vulnerabilities identified as CVE-2020-0916, CVE-2020-0986, and CVE-2020-0915 scored 7 out of 10 on the CVSS vulnerability rating scale. In fact, these three problems allowed …

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Attackers are already leaking data from GO SMS Pro app

GO SMS Pro app

We recently talked about a bug discovered in the GO SMS Pro Android app, installed over 100,000,000 times. Due to the vulnerability, application data (voice messages, videos and images) exchanged by users can be available to everyone. Trustwave researchers who found the bug wrote that even those files that were …

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Experts caught Baidu Android apps for collecting user data

Baidu collecting user data

The apps Baidu Maps and Baidu Search Box, downloaded more than 6,000,000 times, were convicted of collecting user data and were removed from the Google Play Store last month. Palo Alto Networks specialists discovered problems in the applications and released a detailed report on their findings this week. According to …

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Google eventually closes Payments API

Google closes Payments API

In early 2020, Google experts were forced to suspend indefinitely the publication and update of any commercial Chrome extensions. Now they have announced that Google is eventually closes the Payments API. The fact is that a large number of paid extensions appeared in the Chrome Web Store, which were noticed …

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Patches for Android now come to users faster

Patches for Android come faster

Analysts of the German company SRLabs, using the SnoopSnitch application installed on more than 500,000 smartphones, collected information on the so-called “Patch delays.” Experts concluded that security updates began to reach Android users faster. Update speed is important because Android OS has been recognized as the most vulnerable platform of …

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Google forbade its employees to use Zoom

Google forbade to use Zoom

Due to the widespread self-isolation and quarantine, the Zoom video conferencing application has gained unprecedented popularity. However, along with popularity, Zoom developers got many problems, for example today Google forbade its employees to use Zoom. Last week, NASA and SpaceX banned their employees from using the Zoom video conferencing application, …

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