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Google let loose ad blocking policy for Chrome extensions

google adblocker

After numerous angry remarks to their address, Google developers were quick to assure irritated users that changes in Chrome browser extension system would not break their favorite ad blockers. This was the main fears of users – everyone was afraid that they would take away the opportunity to block intrusive …

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Google introduces new restrictions on extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

Google has announced the implementation of new rules for extensions in the Chrome Web Store’s online catalog, aimed enhancing protection of users’ privacy. New measures will be implemented within the Project Strobe, the main goal of which is to minimize user data available to third-party applications through the company’s services, …

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Google openly stored G Suite passwords for 14 years


Google joined list of companies that are reckless to users’ data. Company reported that accidentally stored passwords as an open text. G Suite users have to be attentive to it. Google says that error touched “small percent of G Suite users”, so will not affect on separate users’ accounts though …

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Google changed safety politics in Play Store

Google Play

Changes aim to prevent any opportunities for malware developers to post their products in Google Play Store. In particular, Google implemented new limitations for Android API, and now prior to Play Store publication application will undergo a complicated safety check. Among other improvements is testing of new applications by people …

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Google Chrome will block download of certain files with HTTP-protocol

Google developers plan to implement in Chrome browser blockage for upload of certain file types that are trying to pass through the unprotected HTTP – protocol. Default blocking will be applied only to certain file types that possess “potential threat”. “Hazardous” file types include: EXE (executive Windows file), DMG (executive …

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Google+ dies today

Google+, along with several other technology giant products, went to its digital cemetery. Google officially began the process of closing and deleting all user accounts on its Google+ social network platform, which marks the end of the company’s attempts to compete directly with Facebook and Twitter. About this writes The …

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