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Google eventually closes Payments API

Google closes Payments API

In early 2020, Google experts were forced to suspend indefinitely the publication and update of any commercial Chrome extensions. Now they have announced that Google is eventually closes the Payments API. The fact is that a large number of paid extensions appeared in the Chrome Web Store, which were noticed …

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Patches for Android now come to users faster

Patches for Android come faster

Analysts of the German company SRLabs, using the SnoopSnitch application installed on more than 500,000 smartphones, collected information on the so-called “Patch delays.” Experts concluded that security updates began to reach Android users faster. Update speed is important because Android OS has been recognized as the most vulnerable platform of …

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Google forbade its employees to use Zoom

Google forbade to use Zoom

Due to the widespread self-isolation and quarantine, the Zoom video conferencing application has gained unprecedented popularity. However, along with popularity, Zoom developers got many problems, for example today Google forbade its employees to use Zoom. Last week, NASA and SpaceX banned their employees from using the Zoom video conferencing application, …

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Eurocommission investigates Google data collection methods

European Commission Google methods

According to Reuters, the European Commission and European antitrust authorities are conducting a “preliminary investigation” regarding Google data collection methods. Therefore, the European antitrust monitors again tackle the search giant. “Competition enforcers on both sides of the Atlantic are now looking into how dominant tech companies use and monetise data. …

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