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Today it is impossible to imagine a modern man that does not use the Internet in their lives. The World Wide Web is so firmly established in our lives, that even children often replace live communication between classmates by chatting on social networks. Children are much faster to absorb and understand any updates, so it becomes clear that they are feeling much comfortable with the Internet. Parents,  if they care about a child, can not remain indifferent to this. After all, the Internet, in addition to useful and necessary for the development, there are many harmful and even dangerous places for child’s.


The Internet can show something that is absolutely not intended for children’s eyes. Secure the child from visiting inappropriate sites may be due to the special program by downloading it from special sites. It also helps you seamlessly control the places visited on the Internet by your child and his actions on the computer. What other program can be useful for monitoring the organization of children’s activities on the Internet?

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We offer some special browsers, apps and programs what will protect the child from visiting unwanted pages.

  • ContentWatch Net Nanny 7

    Net Nanny — the best child protection software available. Net Nanny lets you monitor your family’s Internet access with Windows parental controls. Whether you have Windows XP or Windows 10, the parental controls that Net Nanny offers will help ensure safe browsing for your family.

  • McAfee Family Protection 2.0

    McAfee Family Protection 2.0 offers competent internet filter software. McAfee Family Protection is an all-in-one website blocker, pornography filter, social network monitor and cyberbullying protector. Although it lacks some features that would serve to make it an even more powerful tool, it performs capably.

In addition to the opportunities provided by browsers, for parents there are other options for the control of the organization. These are special programs that filter performance of any browser. Consider a few of these programs.

  • KinderGate. The program will filter websites for you. The database contains hundreds of millions of resources. Program blocks pornographic sites, resources that can harm your computer, sites of dating and anonymizer, to circumvent such restrictions. In addition, the parent is able to control the child’s communication in social networks and special programs. The program maintains statistics on the activity, there is a function of the time limit, which the child spends on the Internet.
  • OpenDNS. Special filter to visit sites on the Internet. It is based on the ability to open pages only those sites that have been included in the “white list”. Any other resource that is not in this list, the program will be considered prohibited.

This is a rough list of the most popular programs and applications that can help parents protect children from the negative impact of the Internet.

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