Alleged Uber and Rockstar Hacker Arrested in the UK

The City of London Police announced the arrest of a 17-year-old teenager, whose name was not disclosed, but who is suspected of involvement in high-profile cyberattacks: the alleged hacker of Uber and Rockstar Games is most likely was arrested.

The teenager was arrested in Oxfordshire as part of an investigation into a hacking operation supported by the National Crime Agency and the National Cybercrime Unit. Information security experts are confident that the detainee is responsible for the hacks of Uber and Rockstar Games. Let me remind you that because of the attack on Rockstar Games, dozens of videos with GTA VI gameplay and pieces of the company’s source codes leaked to the network.

Over the weekend, British law enforcement officers announced the arrest in a short tweet, without revealing any details of the incident. A little later it became known that the teenager is accused of two cases of violating the conditions of release on bail, as well as two computer crimes. His name has not been released as he is a minor.

Uber hacker arrested

Soon, many information security experts and a well-known journalist Matthew Keys (citing his own sources) suggested that the detainee was behind the recent high-profile hacks of Uber and Rockstar Games. Keyes writes that, in addition to the agencies listed above, the FBI is also involved in this case.

Let me remind you that earlier Uber representatives officially stated that they connected this attack with the Lapsus$ hack group, which became famous for a series of hacks of large companies. Earlier this year, these guys blackmailed Nvidia, leaked the source codes of Ubisoft, Microsoft and Samsung, and compromised Okta. After these attacks, in the spring of 2022, the London police arrested seven people aged 16 to 21 years old “in connection with the investigation into the activities of a hacker group.”

Currently, all of them are under investigation, and charges have been brought against two teenagers. These arrests coincided with the announcement that several members of Lapsus$ were going on vacation for a while, and since then the group’s activity has practically died out.

As Matthew Keyes now writes, his sources confirm that the arrested teenager is a member of Lapsus $, who had previously been detained for hacking Microsoft and Nvidia.

Uber hacker arrested

So far, law enforcement has not made any official statements, as, according to Keyes, they are preparing to make more arrests.
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