Techies Snicker at Secret Service Agent’s Mar-a-Lago Malware

An agent stuck one of the USB drives from an unannounced Chinese national’s electronics stash into his agency computer, infecting it — and prompting widespread derision.

An agent of the United States Secret Service tried on himself a malicious USB flash drive, which was previously taken away from Chinese women in the private resort of Donald Trump. The malware-containing USB drive agent is inserted into a government laptop.

Agent Samuel Ivanovich testified in court on Monday, during which he stated that he had inserted a confiscated removable disk into a computer belonging to the government. After that, according to Ivanovich, a “very strange” file installation process started.

The agent chose to remove the removable device as quickly as possible and complete the analysis of the confiscated property.

Experts in the field of cybersecurity condemned this step of Ivanovich, because the USB-drive could potentially install a dangerous malware on a government computer.

“As an honest taxpayer, I am extremely concerned about the decision of Agent Ivanovich to insert a confiscated USB drive into a laptop. If this is the Secret Service’s reaction, then the Chinese woman planned to be detained (except for jokes), ”Jack Williams, an expert in security, used to write to Twitter ex-NSA hacker.

Recall that the US Secret Service at the end of March detained a Chinese citizen who managed to penetrate the favorite private resort of American President Donald Trump – this place is known as Mar-a-Lago. When a detainee was found, a USB drive containing a malicious program was detected.

James Brown

Technology news writer and part-time security researcher. Author of how-to articles related to Windows computer issue solving.

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