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Ransomware attacked a major ASP.NET provider

Ransomware attacked ASP.NET provider

A major ASP.NET provider, SmarterASP.NET, which serves more than 440,000 customers, was attacked by a ransomware during this weekend. As a result, all data on the client servers was encrypted. Representatives of SmarterASP.NET claim that they are already working on recovering user data, but it is unclear whether the company …

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Magento may deprive support of more than 200 thousand sites

Magento will deprive support of 200 thousand sites

The first version of CMS Magento will expire in June 2020, but the vast majority of online storeowners have not yet switched to the current release of the platform. Thus, Magento may deprive support of more than 200 thousand sites. According to various sources, from almost 200 to 240 thousand …

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China declared a real war on DDoS services

China declared war on DDoS services

In China, numerous arrests have been carried out in order to limit the activities associated with the creation of botnets and leasing them for DDoS attacks. Chinese authorities have declared a real war on DDoS services. According to a blog post on ZDNet, among the detainees are two suspected network …

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Cyberattack disables many Georgian websites

Cyberattack on many Georgian websites

Yesterday, on October 28, 2019, the media reported about massive attacks on the Georgian segment of the Internet. The cyberattack disabled many Georgian sites: for example, unknown attackers defaced Georgian president website, governmental resources and interfered in the work of local media. In particular, were attacked Georgian television companies Imedi, …

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Fraudsters blackmail companies with DDoS attacks and impersonate Fancy Bear

Fraudsters blackmail DDOS attacks

ZDNet reported that unknown scammers impersonate the Russian-speaking hacking group Fancy Bear and blackmail financial sector organizations, threatening them with DDoS attacks. Also victims of extortion were companies operating in the entertainment and retail business. One of the readers told reporters about the blackmailers, and soon this information was confirmed …

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