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BlackSquid malware campaign puts cryptocurrency farms on web-servers


Trend Micro experts discovered a new campaign for the mining of cryptocurrency called Monero that targets web-servers, networks and removable drives. For inconspicuous infection of devices, operators of the campaign that was called BlackSquid, use eight exploits for various vulnerabilities, including the leaked EternalBlue tool from the arsenal of the …

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Cybercriminals got equipped with American special service technology

US National Security agency

In January 2019, company Qihoo 360 researchers fixed mass attacks on Asian users with Trojans cryptocurrency Monero miners. That time intruders used instruments with open initial code Invoke-SMBClient and PowerDump for hashing finish and pass-the-hash attacks implementation. Now cybercriminals added in their arsenal EternalBlue expoit that was deveoped by National …

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.EXE files infect macOS

Trend Micro experts warn that a malicious .exe file can infect users of the macOS operating system, bypassing all protection systems. The statement seems absurd, given that the .exe extension is used in Windows systems, but the experts explained in detail the design of this attack. Researchers stumbled upon several …

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