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Thanos ransomware tries to overwrite MBR

Thanos tries to overwrite MBR

Palo Alto Networks specialists noticed that Thanos ransomware has acquired new functionality and is trying to overwrite the MBR (Master Boot Record) on infected machines in order to prevent the system from starting normally. In particular, this behavior of the malware was recorded in July 2020, during two attacks on …

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D-Link routers did not receive fixes for critical bugs

D-Link routers did not receive fixes

In February of this year, Palo Alto Networks experts identified a number of serious vulnerabilities in the D-Link DIR-865L routers, and immediately informed the manufacturer about it. However, so far these D-Link routers did not receive all fixes. Unfortunately, this router model, released back in 2012, is no longer supported …

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XHunt cybercriminal band attacked Gulf shipping companies

xHunt attacked shipping companies

Researchers from the Unit 42 team at Palo Alto Networks discovered a malicious xHunt campaign that attacked transport and shipping organizations operating outside in the Persian Gulf outside of Kuwait. As part of the cyberattacks, the criminals used Trojan malware. The group was called xHunt, as the developers of malicious …

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New version of Echobot uses over 50 exploits to distribute

New Echobot uses over 50 exploits to distribute

Echobot IoT Malware is another variation of the famous Mirai malware, discovered by information security experts at Palo Alto Networks in early June 2019. Akamai experts have already dedicated a detailed report to this threat, from which it became clear that Echobot is following the general trend: the authors of …

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GoDaddy closed 15 000 subdomains that used spammers

Stephen Hawking Variant of spam page

GoDaddy turned offline 15 000 subdomains that were used in spamming campaigns. In this campaign, intruders lured users on pages of websites that sale fake products. Traditionally, users received emails with advertisement of some product. If a victim opened a link from the letter, they got in one of subdomains …

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