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The researcher equipped the Cisco firewall with a bug, spending only $200

Researcher Equipped Cisco With a Bug

FoxGuard researcher Monta Elkins equipped the Cisco firewall with a bug, the so-called “hardware bookmark,” without much expense and efforts. More than a year has passed since Bloomberg published an article describing the hardware “bookmarks” that were allegedly found on Supermicro server boards and allowed Chinese hackers to compromise them. …

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Europol called the main cyberthreats of 2019

Europol called the main cyber threats

Europol experts presented the results of a study of relevant cyberthreats: in fact, they named the main cyberthreats of 2019. According to analysts, the greatest danger today is the activity of cryptographers and malware, which hunt for a variety of users’ data. According to Europol researchers, new threats do not …

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60% of spam activity comes from the USA, Russia and Ukraine

Spam comes from the USA and Russia

The Data 61 research team at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) presented a summary report, entitled FinalBlacklist. It analyzes various types of malicious activity, from phishing to malware attacks. In particular, it says that 60% of spam activity comes from the USA, Russia and Ukraine. Experts claim …

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Amazon to introduce video ads in mobile-app search results

Amazon has profited from look for items on mobile. Currently the marketplace plans to add mobile video clip ads activated by searches. The mobile video advertisements appear in response to search engine result in its shopping app, according to one report, which offers far better targeting options than the open …

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