FBI Investigates the Leak of Confidential Data of Members and Employees of the US House of Representatives

The FBI is investigating a data breach that affected members and staff of the US House of Representatives (the lower house of the US Congress).

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The fact is that the attackers put up for sale on a hacker forum confidential and personal information stolen from the servers of the DC Health Link organization, which manages health care plans for members of the US House of Representatives, their employees, and their families.

According to the chief administrator of the House of Representatives, Catherine Szpindor, all those affected have already been notified of the leak in an email.

Catherine Szpindor
Catherine Szpindor
DC Health Link suffered a major data breach yesterday, potentially exposing the personal information of thousands of registered users. If you are a member or employee of the [House of Representatives] eligible for health coverage through DC Health Link, your information may have been compromised. While I do not know the exact scope and extent of the violation, the FBI has informed me that the account information and personal data of hundreds of members and employees of the House of Representatives have been stolen. It is important to note that at this time it does not appear that MPs or the House of Representatives are the specific target of this attack.Catherine Szpindor was quoted as saying by The Daily Caller.

In turn, the publication Bleeping Computer reports that the stolen data has already been put up for sale on a hacker forum by the user IntelBroker. A sample of stolen data published by the perpetrator shows that the dump contains information from approximately 170,000 people, including their names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and more.

Leak in the House of Representatives

The information was put up for sale on Monday, March 6, 2023. At the same time, the hacker writes that the data has already been sold to at least one buyer.

According to NBC News, the FBI was able to confirm the authenticity of the data published by the hacker, as they acquired some of the stolen information and verified it.

It is emphasized that a “comprehensive investigation” of the incident is currently underway, in which cybercriminalists and law enforcement agencies are involved. As a precautionary measure, free credit monitoring services will be provided to all victims.
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