Updated version of Chrome OS provokes 100% CPU utilization and overheating problems

Bleeping Computer writes that many users may have problems with the updated version of Chrome OS: the processor load reaches 100%, and because of this, there are problems with production, fast battery discharge and overheating.

Apparently, the problem is not found on all Chromebooks. So far, only the owners of Acer Chromebooks, ASUS Chromebook Flip and Chromebook Galaxy have been receiving complaints.

Affected users independently investigated the problem and realized that 95-100% CPU utilization linked with the Google Play process (com.android.vending: download_service). This service is used to download updates from Google Play, if available.

However, due to errors, the CPU stays at 100% even without any updates.

Updated version of Chrome OS
Chrome task manager

Some users were able to fix the issue by eliminating the com.android.vending: download_service process in the Task Manager, but others state that it didn’t help.

Another user writes that he solved the problem by rolling back to an older version of the Google Play Store.

“As a workaround for now, I rolled back to older Play Store version before it started to mess up and it works, also I disabled background WiFi and data to prevent it from self update. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming release”, — a user posted on Reddit.

Google engineers are already aware of the bug. They report that the problem is caused by some files missing in Chrome OS.

“After review, users are experiencing this behavior because CrOS is unable to determine delta changes in UID proc times due to missing files”, — a Google engineer stated in a bug report.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the time of error correction.

Let me remind you that due to the pandemic, the release of the new version of Chrome OS was postponed. However, as we can see, despite the fact that the developers had time for the fixes, users encountered bugs in the OS.

These are not the only problems with Google products. Let me remind you that in early 2020, Google experts were forced to suspend indefinitely the publication and update of any commercial Chrome extensions. Now they have announced that Google is eventually closes the Payments API.

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