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Update KB4540673 for Windows 10 causes BSOD

Windows update causes BSOD

Functional and monthly updates for Windows 10 can become a real headache for users, and patch KB4540673, released on March 10 this year as part of Microsoft’s “Update Tuesday” is no exception – for some users this update causes BSOD. Some users also complain that after installing the update, the …

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New SMBv3 bug on Windows has worm potential

SMBv3 Has Worm Potential

Yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month, which means technology companies have released fixes for their products. However, Microsoft did not fix the new SMBv3 bug in Windows, which has worm potential. Therefore, in March 2020, Microsoft engineers eliminated 115 vulnerabilities, noting that this set of updates was the …

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Iranian hackers used new ZeroCleare malware

Iranian hackers use ZeroCleare

IBM experts have revealed a new malware ZeroCleare, which created and used Iranian hackers. ZeroCleare targets power companies operating in the Middle East. Researchers did not disclose the names of the victims companies, but analysis of the malware presents a 28-page detailed report. “The ZeroCleare malware is the development of …

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BlueKeep Attack Warnings Didn’t Affect Users

BlueKeep warnings not affect users

Researchers from the SANS Institute (USA) over the past few months have been monitoring the situation with the use of patches that fix the BlueKeep vulnerability in Windows, and with the use fof Shodan recorded the number of vulnerable computers connected to the Network. Experts concluded that the massive warnings …

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Attackers try to use the new Capesand exploit pack with old code

Capesand Pack with Old Code

Attackers are testing the Capesand exploit pack, which is under active development. The analysis showed that the new tool borrows the old source codes of a similar project, posted publicly on GitHub five years ago. The Capesand exploit pack was first spotlighted during a recent malvertising campaign aimed at distributing …

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More than half of industrial enterprises still use outdated OS

Outdated OS For 62% of Enterprises

Outdated and unsupported operating systems are still present in the networks of industrial enterprises, putting them at serious risk. According to CyberX researchers, about 62% of industrial enterprises still use outdated OS. 62% of industrial networks still use devices running on older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP and …

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IS Research: Small Business Does Not Update Critical Software

Small business does not update software

Alert Logic has published a report on cyber risks in the field of small and medium-sized businesses. According to analysts, the key problem of small organizations is weak encryption and the use of outdated versions of software – users do not update the software. The study is based on the …

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