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Attackers gained access to the NordVPN servers back in 2018

Attackers gain access to NordVPN

NordVPN confirmed that attackers gained access to their servers in March 2018. The company believes that hackers could not manipulate the personal data of users, however, unnamed cyber security sources from TechCrunch note that this statement was “dubious” and the service “did nothing for data security”. “The attacker gained access …

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Phone numbers of 419 million Facebook users leaked to the Network

Facebook phone numbers leaked

Attackers posted on the Internet a leaked database with information about the phone numbers of millions Facebook users. The discovered server contained databases with data from more than 419 million users from different countries, including from the USA (133 million), Vietnam (50 million), and Great Britain (18 million). Since the …

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In the international operation law enforcement officers closed DeepDotWeb that is a one of the main DarkNet portals

deepdotweb closed

FBI, Interpol and police from Germany, Israel, Netherlands and Brazil conducted a joint operation and closed DeepDotWeb website. Site reported about DarkNet news and catalogued resources of the “Internet’s wrong side”. This “DarkNet guide” was updated daily, operative reported about closing of resources, their new names, exit scans, wrote about …

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