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Patches for Android now come to users faster

Patches for Android come faster

Analysts of the German company SRLabs, using the SnoopSnitch application installed on more than 500,000 smartphones, collected information on the so-called “Patch delays.” Experts concluded that security updates began to reach Android users faster. Update speed is important because Android OS has been recognized as the most vulnerable platform of …

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Experts first talked about WIBattack, a critical vulnerability in SIM cards

WIBattack vulnerability in SIM cards

AdaptiveMobile Security’s mobile cybersecurity experts have announced a new method of hacking cell phones using SIM card functionality, which they called WIBattack. WIBattack is a critical vulnerability in SIM cards, in many ways similar to Simjacker. The vulnerability discovered by experts allows using SMS service messages to execute SIM commands …

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