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Firefox bug allowed stealing cookies from Android devices

Bug in Firefox for Android devices

Independent information security expert Pedro Oliveira spoke about the CVE-2020-15647 bug, which he discovered in the spring of this year in Firefox for Android devices. Using a specially crafted HTML file, it was possible to steal cookies from the victim’s device. The vulnerability is linked with the way how Firefox …

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Mozilla Offers $5,000 of reward for bypassing Firefox protection

Firefox offers for bypassing protection

Mozilla announced the expansion of the vulnerability bounty program with a new category. Now researchers will be paid not only for the bugs themselves, but also for techniques to bypass defense mechanisms. In material terms, Mozilla is offering a $5,000 reward for bypassing Firefox protection. Let me remind you that …

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Mozilla extends bug bounty program and increases rewards

Mozilla extends bug bounty

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the Firefox browser, Mozilla announced that it is expanding its bug bounty program to include a number of new sites and services. In addition, the amount of rewards for some types of bugs was doubled and even tripled. “Mozilla was one of the …

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Chrome and Firefox developers save users from intrusive messages

Chrome and Firefox developers plan to change the mechanics of notifications that sites send to visitors. Creators of browsers will save users from intrusive messages. In the nearest future, both browsers will hide the default alerts, and users who want to receive them will have to enable the function separately. …

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BSI considers Firefox the most secure browser

Firefox is the most secure browser

The Firefox browser, according to the BSI report, meets all modern security requirements and surpasses Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer in this regard. Firefox is by far the most secure browser. This conclusion was reached by specialists of the German Federal Information Security Administration (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, …

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Following Chrome, Firefox will mark all HTTP-pages as “unsafe”

Firefox will mark all HTTP-pages as “unsafe”

Following Google, Mozilla decided to display insecure icons on all HTTP sites downloaded by Firefox. New changes will affect Firefox 70 version, it is scheduled for release in October 2019. Previously, these icons were displayed only on sites that contain forms or login fields. According to Mozilla, since more than …

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