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BSI considers Firefox the most secure browser

Firefox is the most secure browser

The Firefox browser, according to the BSI report, meets all modern security requirements and surpasses Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer in this regard. Firefox is by far the most secure browser. This conclusion was reached by specialists of the German Federal Information Security Administration (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, …

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PDFex attack extracts data from encrypted PDF files

PDFex Extracts Data from PDF

A joint group of researchers from the Ruhr University and Munster University introduced the PDFex attack, which can be used to extract and steal data from encrypted PDF files, sometimes even without user interaction. The attack successfully works against 27 solutions for viewing PDF, including popular products such as Adobe …

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Gootkit malware operators left unprotected database in open access

The well-known information security expert Bob Dyachenko found that Gootkit operators left the databases open on servers with MongoDB. The detected databases contained a lot of personal information stolen from users. MalvarGootkit was first noticed by specialists back in 2014. It used to be a dangerous banking trojan, but over …

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Google let loose ad blocking policy for Chrome extensions

google adblocker

After numerous angry remarks to their address, Google developers were quick to assure irritated users that changes in Chrome browser extension system would not break their favorite ad blockers. This was the main fears of users – everyone was afraid that they would take away the opportunity to block intrusive …

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Chrome’s new API brings an end to ad blockers

The most popular web internet browser Chrome is preparing new modifications in the near future, which already are triggering a big commotion and discontent among users and content creators. Although Google declares to be making these modifications in their extension platform for security reasons mainly, the majority of advertisement blockers …

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