Hack group Stormous hacked Coca-Cola’s servers

Hack group Stormous claims to have hacked Coca-Cola’s servers and stole over 161 GB of data. The hackers want to sell this information for $65,000 or 1.6 bitcoins.

Coca-Cola says the company is aware of these allegations and is currently investigating the incident.

It all started with the fact that a statement about the Coca-Cola hack appeared in the Stormous Telegram channel.

We hacked some of the company’s servers and passed a large amount of data inside them without their knowledge and we want to sell it to someone else. You will win and we will win. You will also contact us! We will explain more Good deal, we’ll give you the right to pay the amount you want depending on the amount of data you want! Click on the picture to contact us or via our email.Stormous representatives.

The fact is that back in early March, the hack group announced that it supported the actions of the Russian government with the invasion of Ukraine.

By the way, we talked about the fact that Russian hackers intended to shut down Ukrainian electrical substances using Industroyer2 malware, and that Due of the sanctions, Russian hackers are looking for new ways to launder money.

It looks like the Stormous hackers have targeted Coca-Cola, which has suspended operations in Russia, after a poll conducted on Telegram. As the attackers now write, the company was hacked less than a week after this survey.

Stormous hacked Coca-Cola

Bleeping Computer writes that the criminals have posted a cache of data on their website and are asking for 1.65 bitcoins (about $64,000 at the current exchange rate) for information. According to the publication, among the listed files are compressed documents, text files with information about administrators, email and passwords, ZIP archives with information about payments and other confidential data.

Stormous hacked Coca-Cola

It is noted that this is the first time that Stormous has published data stolen from the company. Previously, the group claimed to have hacked Epic Games and to have stolen 200 gigabytes of data and information about 33 million users of the Epic Games Store and the company’s games. However, no evidence was provided at the time.

Representatives of Coca-Cola have not yet confirmed that any data was stolen as a result of a cyberattack. The company said it is currently cooperating with law enforcements and is investigating the alleged Stormous attack, looking into the potential impact of the incident.
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