US Authorities Closed 13 Sites for Ordering DDoS Attacks

The US Department of Justice announced the closure of 13 sites associated with platforms for cybercriminals to organize DDoS attacks on demand.

The seizure became part of a large-scale international operation called PowerOFF, in which law enforcement officers are fighting DDoS infrastructures around the world.

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The US Department of Justice reports that it has carried out a third wave of actions against the so-called “booters” and “stressers“. If a booter is a service that allows attackers to order a DDoS attack on any site or device connected to the Internet, then a stresser offers the same functionality, but supposedly is designed to legitimately test the reliability of web services and the servers behind them.

Let me remind you that last year, American law enforcement officers immediately closed 48 sites that were used to organize DDoS attacks around the world.

10 of the 13 domains seized today are reincarnations of services that were closed during the previous sweep in December 2022, which targeted the top 48 buter services. For example, one of the domains taken this week,, appears to be the same service running on the domain that was taken in December.according to the US Department of Justice.

The full list of domains confiscated by law enforcement officers can be seen in the table below.

sites for ordering DDoS attacks

Before the takeover, the FBI tested all the services, opening or renewing accounts on each, and assessing the impact of DDoS attacks on targeted computers, according to the released affidavit. These tests have helped validate the effectiveness of the booters, with the FBI saying some of the attacks took targeted devices offline.

sites for ordering DDoS attacks
One of the FBI tests

The Justice Department also said that four suspects who were indicted last year (one Texan, three Florida residents, another from New York and another from Hawaii) have already pleaded guilty. These individuals are believed to have operated various DDoS attack sites, including,,,, and
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