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Game over: 17-year-old teenager accused in Twitter hacking

teenager accused of hacking Twitter

American law enforcement officers organized a press conference, at which they announced the arrest of the main “ideological mastermind” of the Twitter hack. A 17-year-old Florida teenager Graham Ivan Clark, apparently known online under the pseudonym Kirk, is accused of hacking Twitter. A joint investigation by the FBI, the IRS, …

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Twitter hackers used targeted phone phishing

Twitter and targeted phone phishing

Twitter officials continue to post new findings from an investigation of a massive attack earlier this month. Now the company’s engineers said that the hackers used targeted phone phishing to break into Twitter. Let me remind you that the break was the largest in the history of the social network. …

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Hackers stole private messages from 36 Twitter accounts

Hackers stole 36 Twitter accounts

Twitter representatives continue to publish new data from the investigation of the massive attack that took place last week. The researchers report that hackers have stolen private messages from 36 Twitter accounts. Let me remind you that as a result of the attack, were compromised accounts of many public people …

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