One million bank card data published as advertising for the underground marketplace AllWorld Cards

Researchers from several information security companies drew attention to the unusual promotion of the underground marketplace AllWorld Cards.

The site’s operators have published on many hacker forums the data of a million bank cards stolen between 2018 and 2019.

marketplace AllWorld Cards

The attackers said that a random sample of 98 cards showed that approximately 27% of the cards in the collection were still active. But according to the Italian information security firm D3Labs, about 50% of the cards are still working.

Using the BIN database, we were able to check all records to determine the accuracy of the information, brands, issuers, types and levels of credit cards involved. Currently, the results obtained by our analytical team are still limited, but they show that about 50% of the cards are still working and are not marked as compromised.the researchers write.

Cyble also analyzed this dump and reported that the leak contained card numbers, expiration dates, CVVs, owner names, country, state, city, address, zip code for each card, and a phone number or email address. So far, Cyble analysts have analysed only 400,000 cards and write that the following banks have suffered the most:

  • State Bank of India (44,654 cards);
  • PMORGAN CHASE BANK NA (27,440 cards);
  • BBVA BANCOMER SA (21,624 cards);
  • THE TORONTO-DOMINION BANK (14,647 cards);
  • POSTE ITALIANE SPA (BANCO POSTA) (14,066 cards).

Cyble has already imported the data into its AmIBreached service, which can be used by everyone.

The researchers note that AllWorld Cards is a new site in the carder scene, and its unusual ad has been met with approval by many attackers. The marketplace was launched in May 2021 and currently has 2,634,615 cards. Card prices here range from $0.30 to $14.40, with 73% of cards costing between $3 and $5.

Let me remind you that we talked about the fact that Information on a million of South Korean bank cards put up for sale on darknet, and also that The operator of an online store selling stolen bank cards sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

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